Let’s try this coding thing — Part 2, Accepted Job Offer

My Daily Routine

Cafe Browny. Every single day, I would walk a block from my home to this cafe and stay there to study for hours on end. And sometimes, I left at closing (at 11PM). For me, getting out of the house to go to Cafe Browny was supposed to simulate having an actual job and commuting to it (even though it was only a block away). I wanted to adopt a mindset of leaving a comfortable space to go somewhere not as comfortable and being okay with that. Plus, I also made some new friendships with the baristas and got to know them and learn more about them and their lives. Now they know, I drink my coffee black with no sugar with a french vanilla muffin or a banana-chip muffin. It depends on the day.

Study. I studied and practiced coding as if my life depended on it, which it did. On average, I stayed at the cafe for 8–12 hours. However, it wasn’t about how much or how long I studied but it was about how well I studied. The longer I stayed away from home inside this cafe, the chances of me studying increased dramatically. Not only that, the chances of me reaching that zen-like focus, came more often inside an environment where I am more susceptible to keeping myself busy. As a result, I created a habit of coming to the cafe. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Gradually, I studied harder, stayed focused for a longer period and retained information better.

Fun. Just like your body needs to rest for the next day, your mind also needs to rest. Make sure you take frequent breaks. I didn’t study for 8–12 hours straight if that’s what you’re wondering. I took breaks. Sometimes, as long as 2-hours. I listened to music intensely (Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Dvorak, Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, Bill Evans, Wynton Marsalis etc.), talked to my baristas, walked around, walked outside, stared at a wall and imagined it being a painting or drawing of some-kind, and I did the same thing with the ceiling. I went out and played billiards with some of my best coding buddies, we watched movies together, we got drunk together, we played board games, we ate food together, we just enjoyed life and did something other than coding. Occasionally, I cheated and brought up the JavaScript jokes.

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