List of things to do in Quarantine time

Photo by Mateus Campos Felipe on Unsplash

Hello readers, if you are reading this it meansyou want to do something productive in your quarantine time.

Corona virus aka Covid 19 is really making everyone noisy and in this pandemic situation we need to remain calm and be with family.

My recommendations for you guys spending your weekend at home.

Read novels/books

This tip will be helpful to all those avid readers, who wants to complete their leftover novels. You can start with a new one, if you haven’t tried any maybe you develop a new hobby give it a try!

Watch movies

Yes in this free time you can watch all your favorite action, sci-fi, romantic movies. Earlier due to some busy office meetings and client meet-ups we were not able to watch our favorite titles. Or if you don’t know who baba yaga is. Use this time to watch and know who he really is, check here  

Binge watch TV series/anime

Want to know who the bald eagle is in stranger things or what happened to el’s powers. Well you can certainly watch some tv series in this quarantine time.


For our anime lovers I know its drastic time as the corona virus is
making our episodes delayed by one week, or so but still you can watch some other shonen anime which are also available to watch online free or paid.

Play games

Video games or those old school indoor board games you choose which one you want to play. Playing with family in free time makes us strong and it will also help to stay stress free. But don’t you dare to lose.

Tune to some music

Music always helps and it’s a great thing to do when you feel bored. You can also do some workout at home just tune In some gym music beats and you are ready to go for your squats and crunches. Stay healthy — Stay strong.

Try to work on your passion

Maybe you have something in your mind that you wanted to do but because of the tight schedule, you were unable to do it.

But now in this quarantine time, you can work on your hidden talent.

Whatever it may be, cooking, dancing, and guitar. There are videos for everything on YouTube just search for it work on it.

Rearrange your wardrobe

In this free time you can put extra effort and rearrange your clothes and other stuffs which you want to arrange in systematic way.

This will make your home look clean. use alcohol based cleaner to clean your shelf and things.


If you are still feeling uneasy? Give yourself some time and meditate for 15 min this will calm your mind and bring you some options on which you really wanted to work. Meditation always works and produces some great! Results in body and mind equally.

I hope these tips will help in your quarantine time to utilize your time, remember to wash your hands and maintain a distant socializing & wear mask in public places.

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