LiveTree Announces Token Sale for Community-Powered Film, TV and Content Network based on Blockchain Technology

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LiveTree, the well-established, socially responsible crowdfunding community for the funding and marketing of film, TV and creative content, announced it is fundraising $50 million for a new, not-for-profit, open-source platform that is the world’s first community-powered film, TV and content network.

The crowdfunding specialist is creating its Advanced Decentralized Entertainment Platform for Transparent distribution, to be known as the acronym LiveTree ADEPT.  It is a next generation end-to-end platform which goes beyond crowdfunding to disrupt the entertainment industry’s entire value chain.  The platform created specifically for the $500 billion global film, TV and content industry, utilizes the latest Blockchain innovations to create new digital rights management to revolutionize how we interact, consume and watch content.

The aim of LiveTree ADEPT, part of the newly-formed LiveTree Community, is to disrupt the entertainment industry’s entire value chain and gamify the process of watching content. Consumers can now own what they watch, decide who’s in it and what goes on through the processes of content creation, funding and distribution.

It provides a decentralized system of creation, funding and distribution alongside LiveTree incubators that will fund, support, train and mentor film, TV and content makers to migrate the current entertainment industry processes to LiveTree ADEPT.

The new platform also represents the future of video on demand (VOD) entertainment and is underpinned by a new digital token called Seed (SED) made possible thanks to the latest developments in Ethereum Blockchain technology that allow for ‘smart contracts’.

LiveTree is the brainchild of serial tech entrepreneur, CEO and founder Ashley Turing, who has twenty years’ experience in technology innovation. He said, “LiveTree ADEPT addresses the current industry challenges by harnessing Web 3.0 to revolutionize how we finance, share and consume creative content.

“The contemporary entertainment industry faces myriad obstacles to entry and many more once you’re in.  Currently, just 13% of film directors and writers are female and only 176 films made in the UK during 2016 got theatrical release.  In the US there was about ten times that number.  By using the Blockchain to connect and discover talent and suppliers and remove complex and costly contracts in production, we will generate a truly community-driven network approach to developing and producing content.”

Noel Goodwin, ‎director of British Film Institute Future Film, said:

“LiveTree is a unique prospect in that it’s a brilliant way to not only enable film makers to make the content they want to make but it’s going to be able to match content with audiences and what they want to actually see, so it’s really exciting.”

Dr Jamie Ward, co-founder and technical officer for LiveTree said:

“LiveTree ADEPT uses Blockchain technology, which is ideal for this platform.  One of the more powerful things about Blockchain is it allows you to set up peer to peer contracts between all of the people involved in a new creative project – such as a film – so that the directors, actors and all of the people involved down the chain from the very outset can be set in contract using the Blockchain.”

Unlike many Blockchain initiatives, LiveTree is an established, revenue positive business which has over the last six months alone has crowdfunded 120 projects in film, TV and content.

The LiveTree Limited business has built a contact network of 14,000 entertainment companies and their employees and works in association with The British Film Institute (BFI) Future Film, the film finance company Red Rock Entertainment and the Screen Arts Institute Incubator that provides support, training and mentoring to both film plus content makers.

The platform token sale will take place in two phases. The first consists of a pre-sale, starting Friday December 1st, 2017, running till Friday December 8th, which will offer buyers the opportunity to acquire Seed (SED) tokens with bonuses.  The pre-sale will offer 35million tokens.  The second phase will offer a further 170million tokens, with a total equivalent value of approximately $50million.

CEO Ashley Turing concluded:

“ADEPT is well positioned to capture a large share of the global $1bn crowdfunding space for film, TV and content.  By providing an end-to-end platform we are creating an entirely new market that will expand and redefine the $500bn film, TV and content industries. LiveTree ADEPT is a market-driven decentralized platform where viewers can get the best content decided by the market.  We are connecting the content creators directly with the consumer.  Decentralized means no ‘middle men’, no monopoly, only great content.”

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