Looking for a Tech Internship? Try This List of Online Resources

I’ve been managing interns for more than a year now. This is my personal collection of resources for students seeking internships in 2019.

Photo by NESA by Makers on Unsplash

Right now it’s a time when a lot of young and bright students will start to look for summer internships — I hope this list will help them.

Let’s start with 2 awesome* GitHub repositories. Owners updating them frequently, so it’s a good/simple/unique place and not a lot of people know about it.

Below are a few websites for finding internships:

If you want to know more about why an internship is a good idea:

Intercom blogs


Different stories

UK internships

Remote Working

Thanks for reading!

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If you looking for internship opportunity — buzz me in comments. I’m teaching interns myself.

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