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Gone are the days when the dating game was fully dependent on personal meetings of couples. The covid-19 pandemic has changed the concept of matchmaking and the world is now shifting to virtual connections. Although online dating was introduced many years ago and people were adopting that trend slowly, it has received wide acceptance during the trying times of coronavirus. 

Dating apps have become more competitive with advanced digital capabilities these days. Many of them have now added video call features to help partners stay connected during this pandemic. These dating websites follow matching algorithms that help people find potential partners as per their specific preferences and interests. 

Virtual dating amid the pandemic

For the past several months, people are locked inside their homes as medical health professionals have advised following typical social distancing measures. These trying times have increased frustration levels in everyone’s mind. Moreover, as people are not able to see their friends and loved ones on regular basis, most of them have now moved to social media channels for regular interactions. 

Considering the impact of these trying times, Tinder, the most popular dating site online, has updated an unusual message on the platform.

“Social distancing doesn’t mean to stay disconnected”.

This online dating site is helping people to stay connected during these difficult times. There is no need to worry about how you can meet the love of your life because many online free dating sites are ready to serve you on the go. 

Even if you are ready to get back to the over busy routines post-pandemic, the dating apps can help you stay in touch. Although global restrictions on interactions and movements were mainly aimed at controlling the spread of coronavirus. It was expected to slow down the rate at which relationships are formed worldwide. But the online dating websites have now offered new scopes to the singles that are ready to mingle. Moreover, it has become the best source of entertainment for the people who are spending time alone in the quarantine. 

Enjoying love life during Covid-19

Not just the youngsters, even older adults are also influenced by the online dating world since pandemic took place. As people are not able to meet new people in-person, they are now making online connections to share the laughter. It is not just about meeting potential life partners; instead, many people are using these platforms to increase their virtual friend circle. 

No matter how unromantic, unsexy and weird the world has become during these trying times, online dating platforms can still help you find that special someone. Although you cannot book a table in a restaurant to share some coffee breaks together, you can enjoy video calls while enjoying coffee at your home. People have started chatting longer than usual and this is a sign that they are feeling comfortable in the online world. Video calls have taken the place of face-to-face interactions and it has become a boon for youngsters during the pandemic. 

The lucrative market growth

The recent studies and analyses report that the global online dating market has now grown somewhere between $6 billion to $10 billion. The trends are growing rapidly and many relationships are beginning online. People are even willing to switch to the paid subscriptions instead of using the free versions of these dating apps. 

Even the most popular social media app Facebook has also launched its independent dating venture a few months back. 

On one side where the Covid-19 outbreak has spread lots of worries in everyone’s life, people are looking for some alternatives in the form of video and chat-based dating solutions. Bumble has added new in-app call features the previous year and it has seen an estimated rise of 20% in the number of users over the past few months. As the scenario got worse after the spread of the pandemic, Plenty of Fish also added a live streaming option so that potential matches can step into each other’s life in real-time. 

Although pandemic has created a sudden lack of physical connections among people, these apps are still giving people enough opportunities to find someone who has the same likes and dislikes. We must say that outbreak hasn’t stopped people from dating, it has just taught us some social distancing rules; however, the fun of online dating is here to stay.

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