Mailbox Money – Hacker Noon

I had the opportunity to talk with a very successful businessman as part of this NursePass story. He provided some great advice, as well as introduced me to a colleague of his that helped us secure our first patent. Looking back at the notes from that conversation, I had written in darker ink than anything else… “Mailbox Money”: simply launching NursePass for the sake of collecting a check in my mailbox. His point was about the “exit” and just collecting my stake.

It sounded appealing. I’ll be honest. I’m very “green” to entrepreneurship. My previous startup experience was secretly selling Bubblicious gum in elementary school at recess and on the bus. I had a display and everything, but I’ll save that story for later. The idea of just walking to my mailbox to find checks…it sounded dreamy. Dreamy until I went back farther into my notes from StartUp Weekend ‘14. A surreal winning weekend that I often reflect back on to keep my focus.

NursePass isn’t about the deal nor the exit. It’s a compass. A beacon. The star we follow. I had a mother tonight thank me for what we’re working to do with NursePass. Beyond her kind and flattering words was a parent simply hoping for the peace of mind we want to bring parents while their children are at school or daycare. The tweet of thanks from the over-worked school nurse. That’s our beacon in the night.

I don’t want mailbox money. I want a mailbox (or inbox) full of notes of thanks or anecdotes of how we helped bring the peace of mind to parents we pitched on that night in April.

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