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First-class tools and techs for developers of all skill levels to build voice-first solutions

On 6-8 of November take on the challenge, build a conversational AI solution using your Kotlin, Android, or mobile development skills, gain credence, and the main prize!

Europe’s leading hackathon, Junction, gathers people all around the world again on 6-8 of November. This year, Just AI is challenging Kotlin, Android, and mobile devs to make conversational AI work.


When a new future-proof technology appears, its rate of development hinges on the number of valuable use cases it produces. And if it benefits business and society, it ingrates in our everyday lives fleetingly. Voice interface is natural for humans, without a doubt, it would become ubiquitous wherever convenient. 

Voice assistants, smart devices, smart screens, and messaging apps already create new channels of communication and interactions, they improve business performance and the standards of living.

But you can do even more! Think of any case where a bot or an assistant could bring tangible benefits – how it could help, comfort, engage, organize, navigate, entertain, save time or money, etc. And create a unique and handy solution.


Just AI is looking for some new and fancy ways to use conversational AI.

You’ll have to use the open-source Kotlin-based JAICF framework to build up conversational UX. You may want to add voice navigation to an Android app, create a smart bot for a website, or build a useful skill for Alexa or Google Assistant. The only limit here is your imagination!

You can choose any case, there are no restrictions. For instance, JAICF was previously used to build in a voice assistant into a habit tracking app, to create a bot for a scooter rental app as an incoming call treatment, and even to make an interactive voice game Lovecraft World for smart displays.


During the event, participants will be creating AI-powered solutions using open-source Kotlin-based JAICF. It’s a framework for a transparent dialogue state management that collects multiple platform libraries, NLU engines, persistence layers, and servers. 

In case some extended functionality is needed, hackers may also use Aimybox SDK to embed a freshly built voice assistant into an app or a device; and JAICP conversational platform as cloud deployment and debug environment.


Hackers who build the most helpful and efficient solution get the challenge prize from Just AI:

Winner – €1.500 for the team

1st runner up – IntelliJ IDEA subscriptions and Cyperpunk 2077 for each team member

2nd runner up – Cyperpunk 2077 for each team member

What’s more, all winners receive annual JAICP subscriptions

Hackers who perform best among all Junction participants, who promote innovation and out-of-the-box thinking will take home the main prize of €10.000 from Junction.


A skill’s utility, solution’s effectiveness as well as dialog’s quality of implementation – are the main performance indicators for the team. JAICF use is a must, but if you apply any other Just AI techs like Aimybox or JAICP – it will earn you many brownie points.

The dialog itself may be quite simple, but it has to be obvious that in a given setting the voice, compared to traditional interfaces, really makes oneself useful or adds value fundamentally.

In other words, it has to be a cool meaningful use case that proves its wide applicability. Something, that affects users’ lives positively. And the more users – the better!

Hurry up, the deadline to apply had been set back to October 16th!

Apply at 

And good luck!

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First-class tools and techs for developers of all skill levels to build voice-first solutions


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