Make Money Writing: How to Increase Your Freelance Income

We almost all know how to read and write, but writing is also an ordeal and is not done without really wanting it. Writing a letter or an email to a loved one or the administration is also within the reach of almost everyone. However, to write well to arouse the desire to read to possible readers requires a certain aptitude for writing. In addition, writing can save a lot of money, depending on our motivations and goals.

But who could write for a comfortable income? Remember your high school years. Perhaps you were well noted by the French teacher for your dissertations.

If so, you may not be aware of your talent, but you have at least good writing skills. And this is the first criterion to make writing an activity.

Then comes the desire to write; write about our interests, the challenges of life, the various concerns. So many topics that can be exciting. These are the topics that we know best. You understand its passion that makes you want to write. Inspiration and quality will be better.

The ability, the desire, and passion are the most important criteria. So, you work without feeling like you’re working. If it’s a chore, there is a psychic or guiding problem to solve. Either it is not your vocation, or it is memories and unconscious fears, which you can free yourself with the help of an adapted energy therapy.

With these three criteria, you only have fun. This allows you to satisfy your curiosity by reading books, teachings, documentation, Essay Writing, Resume creation and be an assignment expert. It is a self-taught theoretical learning. It is also possible to do journalism school for the print media or the web. Why not!

Add to the experience, investigations and various investigations, and you are ready to write more and more. It is a good practice that you learn best and you will improve.

Have fun writing and practice will reveal your talent and creativity. 
 Not only is writing the best medium for imagination and inspiration, but it also helps to fix them. Writing also requires patience, reflection, the spirit of synthesis and a certain regularity. With the desire and the pleasure of writing, there is no need to make efforts to come back regularly.

Perseverance flows naturally. The pen and the keyboard are your toys to play with. It is the violin of Ingres and the leisure which become professional activity. I use to earn extra money whenever I need by providing online assignment help, rewriting resume, sometimes writing notes, essay for students, even composing notice letters for parents. Their many ways all you need to find them.

What are the niches of writing to make money?

From freelance writer to reporter, journalist, web editor, blogger, “nigger”, novelist, the palette of writing professions is quite broad. You can also write for clients or write for yourself.

Write to clients

Freelance, web editor; If you want to write articles for bloggers, product descriptions for merchant sites, press releases or newsletters for the media, you can be paid a few cents the word. Here is the amount that makes money. 
 Some editors make themselves known and offer their services through their own blog.

A reporter for the media, newspapers, and journals is more about journalism. The remuneration can be up to 200 euros the article.

Write for yourself

From our own interests, our own motivations and our passions.

Create a blog to write about topics that are important to us and that we want to share with interested readers. Moreover, a blog is the best support to provide a service to these same readers. 
 Blogging is a relatively difficult activity. That’s why, 90% of bloggers give up, and only 3% get a comfortable income.

Write an eBook, Editorials, Essay, Assignments etc. The rise of the digital book and reading lights that allow a comfortable reading, opens a niche that can be very lucrative.

The digital book is easy to publish and distribute primarily by Amazon or affiliate platforms, or by its own blog.

Write a printed book. Many books are published each year, but many do not sell, or few. 
 The most sold are the serial novels that catch the reader. Some authors of his novels become millionaires. The novelist is a particular artistic profession.

The majority of books deal with practical, educational, historical, professional topics, etc. The biggest difficulty for authors is to find interested publishers. 
 These are submerged with book proposals and prefer to publish a book “at the author’s expense” to limit costs. 
 The promotion of the book is the responsibility of the author. It may be better for him to edit his own book.

The author receives 10% of “copyright” on the selling price of the book. 
 If you want to make a lot of money by writing a book or more, you have to sell tens of thousands of copies, unless you become a publisher. Some authors do it.

But, you will tell me, those who succeed are lucky. Certainly, and many think we have no influence on luck. Too bad is to ignore that we have great power over our lives.

With the only criteria mentioned above, the aptitude, the desire, the pleasure of writing, the talent, the passion, the imagination, the inspiration, the creativity, the regularity, the perseverance, … the luck will be at the Appointment.

Rewriting Resumes

Economic conditions make access to jobs more difficult and having a well-written CV is crucial. For having peeled a lot of cv’s, I can tell you that it is a criterion of direct elimination. The only purpose of a resume is to qualify for the interview. Many revisions and rewrite services exist. Why not start yours? Why not imagine extending the service to recruitment coaching?

It’s really about listening to get to understand a course and a person by phone and to transcribe it in an attractive way.

And if all that is not enough, ask yourself these questions. Why are you writing? What is your objective? What “benefits” do you want to get out of it? Have a clear goal, a plan of action, and most importantly believe in it, believe what you are doing. And luck will be with you.

Remember: “Whatever man can conceive and believe, he can realize it.” Napoleon Hill

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