Messenger User Acquisition: How to build Facebook Comment Auto Reply(Private Reply) using nodeJS

Note: This document refers to a feature that was removed after Graph API v2.10.

Part 1: Goto your Facebook app (

Part 2: update your facebook messenger code as following:

Important note before copying the code: Don’t private reply to all the comments. Make sure you add some filters else be ready to receive a warning from FB (May suspend your app as well!!!)'/webhook', function (req, res) {
var data = req.body;
// Make sure this is a page subscription
if (data.object == 'page') {
// Iterate over each entry
data.entry.forEach(function(pageEntry) {
//Newsfeed changes webhook request
if(changes.field=="feed" && changes.value.item=="comment" && changes.value.verb=="add"){
var messageData = {
message: "hello"

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