Microsoft Is Treating Me Like I’m Stupid

Hi. My name is Robert and I own a computer repair business in Australia and I hate Microsoft.

I hate everything this company stands for.

From forcing windows updates on their customers to their new GUI interface which treats their customer’s like they are dumb.

Yes, you know the look that I’m talking about – the look where they have removed the file menu and are replaced by BIG buttons that you can’t miss and removed all types of advance features.

Microsoft are also in the process of removing the right mouse button click.

Why might you ask? – It’s simple – they want to sell more hardware and most of their devices are touch screen devices and a touch screen doesn’t have the replacement of a right mouse button touch (unless you hold down the screen) so as a result all of your latest windows 10 native applications have massive features missing as well as a simple dumb interface which makes it more like a mobile phone app then a computer app.

Apart from this horrible design look – Microsoft is really trying to push it’s Microsoft Store interface and to get you to purchase applications within it. Just like the app store and the play store by Apple and google respectively – Microsoft wants a cut of the applications that you download using their store as well.

The only problem – this is doomed to fail as most customers are used to going to the website of the software that they want to download – and downloading it from there as opposed to using the Microsoft store. As a computer technician from Zoo Computer Repairs the first thing I do when I go to a customer’s place who has Windows 10 is that I install a program called classic Shell. Classic shell brings back the start menu to windows – where you can access your programs as well as control panel (which Microsoft is also removing) as well as This Pc, recent documents / pictures etc).

The next thing that I do is install a program called open office which is to replace Microsoft Word, excel as well as power point. It is a free piece of software and open sourced. Now to substitute outlook I use a program called Em-client which is like Thunderbird but looks way more prettier and is easier to use. My hate of Microsoft in forcing updates down customers throats leading many elderly or poorer customers to pay for a computer technician to fix their computer after a forced update makes me furious that a company such as Microsoft can continue to get away with this. Even their Microsoft office products they are wanting you to pay for a subscription based service as opposed to a once off product where you “own the software”.

Installing the above mentioned apps will make windows more familiar and prevent you from staying with the Microsoft eco system of apps. Please join our face book group – Consumer’s against Microsoft to discuss further anti Microsoft complaints that you have after all customers who have vented their frustration with Microsoft on their Facebook page after an update have found themselves banned from any future posts.

Not a good look for Microsoft – but then again – do you expect anything more from a company who forced Windows 10 on most customers’ machine’s knowing full well that they wouldn’t be in the position to uninstall it?

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