Trade on midas.investments

midas.investments is a Shared Masternode platform and now they have added an Altcoin exchange as well. It is a good place to invest in Masternodes. You ca lock-in 350 Midas coins and you wont have to pay any fees on your Masternodes. Midas also has burnout so you can make rewards for your Midas.

This is not trading advice but we have been using their Shared Masternode service for over 6 months now. Midas recently opened their own exchange so you can sell your masternode coins for other coins as well.

Lock-in and Burnout on midas.investments

Shared Masternodes on midas.investments

Midas Investments is a place to invest in Masternodes and Bitcoin. I started using this service for a few masternodes that I did not have enough coins to run my own masternode. Midas gives you the option to share in a masternode.

If you decided you want to you can also buy Midas and use their lock in feature so you do not have to pay fees. The next step is invest in the Burnout feature which lets you make a return on Midas coins aside from shared masternodes. Since I started using Midas they have added new features like their Instant Buy feature that lets you buy coins for Shared Masternodes instantly. All you have to do is send bitcoin and you can instantly buy many masternode coins right on Midas.