10 Good Mobile App Ideas for Startups & SMEs

Are you looking for a widely accessible platform to start with your new business? Or, do you want to target a wide user base with minimal investment for your business?

According to the research by Statista, it is expected that in the year 2022 a total of over 258 billion mobile applications will be downloaded worldwide by the users of smartphones.

With the help of portable devices like smartphones and tablets, more than one-third of the global population is getting access to the internet. In the contemporary market, businesses- whether it’s a startup or SME- have understood the potential of mobile app development services and they are now capitalizing on it.

Is it easy to outshine among competitors with your mobile app? Probably, no! This is because, today, hundreds of applications are launched every day on top application stores like the Google app store and the iOS app store which are hosting millions of apps.

Proficient app developers are vital for every business. Hence, many organizations are moving ahead to hire app developers who can develop a mobile app that can be intriguing for customers with its services.

Google and iOS stores are no longer being supportive of discoveries as they are growing incredibly with around a thousand of applications being added on them each day. This brings a competitive platform for every new entrant in the world of mobile applications.

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Therefore, it is not easy to get your app discovered through your application. Then why should you consider getting a mobile app developed for your small business? There are a couple of reasons why a small business should prefer to choose a mobile app as a mode of running a business or for increasing profits.

1. The loading speed of an app is more than a website. Moreover, it can be developed with a more interactive display. The reason being a locally stored data on the device by an app which give them their own space. This data is utilized to load apps quickly and provide a more enhanced user interface in comparison to websites.

2. Even though there are more visitors on the website, an average user spends more time on an app.

We know that you are thinking about getting a mobile app. But, before you hire android app developers you need to have a good application idea! Right?

Well, do not worry! Here are some good mobile app ideas in 2019:

1. An app to solve all your queries by the right people:

Have you ever got lost in an interesting thought but could not find a person sharing the same thought? Here is an app that can eliminate such situations from your life.

This application will allow you to gain a better solution to all your curiosity, idea or enticing thoughts. Through such apps, one can get to ask or meet a person who has the same line of thoughts as them.

This can be incredibly useful if you got stuck to an idea and then searching for like-minded people to start working on it. A google search can help you find the right people that you are looking for but it will never be as helpful as an app that allows you to interact personally with such people.

Probably this is the reason that most of the successful websites today have launched their own application including quora which has enhanced their performance

2. An app to find sports partner and rent sports equipment

Did it ever happen with you that you really wanted to play in an open field but could not find any partner? This happens with every other person of all age groups ~ when they wanted to play but had no one or had no equipment to play with.

Today, technology does not leave you disheartened anywhere. There are apps that enable you to find co-players as well as nearby shops to rent the sports equipment. This happens by working on a social network by letting others in the community to know if you are looking for co-players. This even activates your social life and provides you with a flexible and fit body.

3. An app which finds the best way to spend your money

Do you often have idle cash in your bank account or hand and you are confused about the best way to spend it? Can you think about an app as intelligent as you that can help in finding the right ways to spend your money?

It either scans your account details or provides the most appropriate solutions to spend the amount of money that you have entered. Although allowing an app to view your bank account details is a privacy concern but it can be proficiently achieved with strong encryption practices.

This app is helpful even when you are looking for other kinds of solutions with your money. For instance, you might be looking for a way to double the amount you have, etc. Such apps have a lot in their potential when it comes to judicious spending of the hard-earned money.

4. An application which helps in planning the wedding

Marriage is one of the best moments and cherished memories of a person’s life. This is why people go beyond their capacities to accomplish the organization of wedding event successfully. This requires the help of relatives as well as the people involved in the management of the wedding.

Making an app for this purpose is a great idea. Such an app provides with the wedding planners list. Moreover, there are decorative items and accessories which you can purchase to enhance the awesomeness of the great occasion.

If you are focusing on this mobile application idea then along with this app you can also start your own business of wedding planning or get in partnership with a few wedding planners!

5. An app to buy and sell goods just like in barter system

Do you know how people used to attain goods before the introduction of money in human civilization? During that, humans used to exchange good for goods. This was known as the batter system that worked very well without the use of currency. Have you thought about providing a platform for a batter system to people? A mobile application that provides such a facility can be highly useful for people who need something in exchange for something.

One can list the products they want to sell and find products from the listed products that they need to buy. People can easily exchange goods by finding a suitable person to exchange with and the money will nowhere be involved. Are you wondering about earning your own part? You will earn through sponsor advertising like many other websites.

By setting parameters for the uploading of items, you can free yourself from the work of controlling the flow of users. E-Commerce websites also work in the same way. If you get an efficient app constructed from proficient android or iOS app developers, you can attain a large scale business for sure through this mobile application idea.

6. An app for travelers with crime-heat maps

There is not a single tourist spot in the world which is completely safe for tourists. There are certain locations where tourists often face crime. And a traveler can never be expected to be aware of such crime-heat zones of a place where they are vacationing. A mobile application can help travelers to know about a place with which they are least acquainted with.

You must be thinking that how will your app work in front of well-established apps like Google maps. Your app will serve as a complementary to Google maps as it does show locations but do not indicate the crime rate of that location. This will be done by your app. Moreover, it will help in reducing crime rates and make places more tourists friendly.

7. An app for healthy discussions and debates between people with different opinions

Do you enjoy debating? Many of us have the urge to discuss deeply a certain subject with a person of opposite opinions. It’s quite healthy for increasing your knowledge. So, this mobile app idea is to provide such people with a application which will help them to connect with people who have opposite opinions on any selected topic.

After finding each other, such people can engage in healthy arguments with each other. They will express their beliefs, opinions and try to make clear points. This helps in creating valid and objective opinions within ourselves too.

It is important to set certain parameters in this mobile application to provide more security and preventing anyone to misuse it.

8. An app for interior designing which uses augmented reality

By utilizing the applications of augmented reality, you can get a real life feel as AR adds virtual elements with the help of your mobile application. This technology is being used in various applications. Its application in interior designing can help the users incredibly.

It is so confusing to make out whether a particular kind of furniture will be appropriate for your space according to the dimensions and other features or not. When you get such an app, which allows you to take a picture of your room and lets you try various furniture and ultimately saving those images for later references, it acts as great support!

Development of such an application by a startup can bring more business to them. As they can tie up with various furniture partners or electronic partners. This can be a really smart way of enhancing sales and gaining profits.

9. An app to find local dates

There is a huge number of people who are waiting to get hooked up and dating apps can make their search easier. Gone are those days when people used to rely on destiny to meet their dating partners.

A dating application that proficiently calculates the distance and shows people near you is what the young generation is relying on. There are many dating applications that are working on a large scale and as a startup, you can go for a limited area and specification that can be useful for the people for a local area.

The safety and efficiency in getting dates are gaining importance in the development of these applications. Such dating applications have become a platform to find innovative ideas to satisfy the needs of many people around the globe. The sponsor advertising can help you earn fortunes through this app because of the wide user interest.

10. An app to search for products by photo:

How many times do you see a product in real life but find it hard to search it online? It happens quite often because it happens with all of us. Such apps allow you to search for products by photo and enable you to find them on the internet.

All one has to do is click the picture and start the search. The app finds it’s a picture from the internet platforms like Instagram. After that, you can search for it to purchase online. The list of online stores where you can buy it can be easily accessible.

This is a great app development idea for a startup where they can get their users to hook up with their apps all day. It has no specific target user base as it acts as a utility for all age groups and sexes. You can tie up with sellers to earn your profits.

Let’s Wrap Up:

Getting an exciting and innovative mobile apps idea is an initial stage of creating a successful business. At later stages, you need to execute and join hands with the right software development companies to attain your goals. A great idea is not enough until it is powered with the efforts to execute it brilliantly.

Once you are sure about your application idea in the year 2019, the next thing is to hire mobile app developers for formulating the mobile application which will be aligned with your expectations.

Do you like these ideas for creating mobile apps? Please share your views in the comment box! If I find your idea exciting and innovative, I will try to mention it in the article. Let’s help businesses to succeed in this digital era. 🙂

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