Money-Back Review: Can I Really Recover Stolen Funds?

It is not uncommon for an investor to lose virtually everything that is invested as a result of signing up with a fake online broker or company. These losses have wreaked havoc on the lives of many people who fall victim to such fraudulent schemes.

You may be wondering if it is really possible to get back all these funds that are stolen by cybercriminals. Well, you don’t have to worry about it anymore because Money Back is here to assist you in every possible way to ensure that your investments are returned to you.

This Money Back review will enlighten you on some of the services that this company has to offer you and why you should choose to contact it to recover your stolen investments. Money-Back’s most prominent clients include Investors who lost funds to fraudulent forex brokers or Ponzi schemes such as BitConnect or Bitclub network.

First, let us find out more about this company.

All You Need To Know About Money Back 

Money Back is a company that was launched with the sole purpose of eliminating the effects of online scams that are carried out by various unregulated companies and brokerage firms that often lures unsuspecting investors to invest in their fake online platforms.

These scammers often try to make it virtually impossible for their victims to report them to any financial watchdog. They keep their victims on the platform for a long time in order to defraud them of their life savings. 

Money-Back is there to help you recover any investment that you might have made to a fraudulent online platform by taking legal actions that you may not be able to take on your own. 

The company is very passionate about this recovery process because you worked hard to earn the money that those cybercriminals extorted from you through some intricate schemes. For this reason, it encourages you to fight for your money. 

As various advances are made in technology,  online scammers are multiplying on a daily basis, and this leaves millions of ignorant investors vulnerable to their schemes. This is one of the things that motivates Money Back to help its clients fight these scammers.

Money-Back confronts the financial authorities that allowed the scammers to make these fraudulent transactions, including credit card companies, processing companies, and banks. With the help of Money Back, you can be able to recover your lost funds within a couple of months, depending on how complex your case is.

Interestingly, you don’t have to be in the frontline of this battle as Money Back will work on your behalf and get your money back from these scammers. All you will have to provide is just a minimum amount of evidence and a great deal of patience, with time, your funds will be returned to you.

There is a wide variety of services that this company provides you with, and that is what we will be looking into next.

What Services Does Money Back Provides

Money-Back provides you with a variety of services that are designed to suit your needs at any given time. Bear in mind that no matter the complexity of your case, Money-Back will help you recover your funds. Let us take a look at some of the services that this company has to offer.

Consulting And Recovery :

With the amount of experience that the firm has amassed over the course of years it has been active in fighting online scammers, Money-Back is in a good position to consult with potential investors on such matters as whether or not to sign up with a particular online broker.

These consultation services have time and time again proven to help prevent the occurrence of several online frauds committed by many so-called brokers, which would have happened otherwise. This has gone a long way to enable investors to avoid the pains and frustration that comes with losing money to online scammers.

Most times, you may sign up with an online broker and deposit funds into your account without actually knowing that you are giving away your money to a broker that is not really in business. 

Consulting with Money Back will help you to know a broker that is truly reliable and one that is not. There are certain things that you need to do to enable the company to help you make the right decision on the broker to sign up with. 

The first thing you have to do is to reach out to the firm, stating every detail about the broker in question so as to help them categorize the different mails that they receive from their large customer base.

Once you have done that, a representative of the firm will then fill you in with every information that they have concerning that broker, and that includes any history of fraud involving the broker, although this may not be applicable to every broker since not all of them are scammers. 

From this information that you have been provided with, you can be able to recognize if the broker is reliable to trade with or not, and this helps you to avoid falling victim to such trading scams.

However, in the event that you have already signed up with an unreliable broker and even made some deposits before the consultation, Money-Back has a way of ensuring that you recover your funds from that broker.

Money-Back will help you recover your funds using three ways. The first is to open a Chargeback case against a credit card company with the help of a written argument by highly experienced lawyers who are hired by the company for such legal cases as this. 

Next, it will push through with a recall process, which involves opening a dispute against the banks and payment processors engaged during the course of the transaction, and even going as far as confronting the public advocate of the bank.

Most times, these scammers are afraid of being exposed. So, Money-Back will threaten to expose the owners of the scam company by filing reports of tax evasion against them. All this is done to reach a settlement through which your money will be returned to you.

International Banking Crimes:

Money-Back is committed to fighting every type of online crime, especially financial crimes. This is mainly because of the fact that financial crimes can have a negative impact on the economy of a particular country. 

These financial crimes are not limited to a particular country; rather, they occur on a global scale and may affect not only the economy of a single country but the entire global economy. Although the financial market is known for its very volatile nature, financial crimes are responsible for further bringing it down, and this results in market crashes that affect the whole world.

Money-Back is expanding its reach to fight online criminals not just on a national level but on the international level as well. The company helps victims of these fraud schemes to get back their money and also help financial authorities to fight these international cybercriminals in addition to creating a global awareness regarding the existence of some businesses that are seemingly legitimate but still carry out fraudulent activities.

The company identifies these scammers with immense help from several experts in the industry. It goes on to share the information it has gathered with various law enforcement agencies all over the world. It also supports every operation that is carried out to fight these criminals as well as letting the public know about these scammers.

Binary Options Fund Recovery:

Money-Back can also help you recover any fund that you lost to a binary options scam. These complex binary options scams are very deceptive and can cause you to suffer huge losses once you invest your funds in them.

In recent years, millions of people have fallen victim to these binary options scams. The scammers create a binary options platform where potential investors are enticed to invest using very attractive and unrealistic offers, including substantial deposit bonuses for joining the platform and a get-rich-quick proposal.

Money-Back is highly experienced in this area as it has successfully treated a lot of binary options fraud cases. Therefore, you can be sure that the company will help you to recover any funds that you lost to a binary options scam.

All these and many more are some of the services that are available to clients on the Money Back website. There are, however, certain qualities that make it appealing to contact this company for help to recover your funds.

Why Choose Money-Back

Here, we will examine some reasons why Money Back is your best shot at recovering your lost funds. Below are a few of them.

Diversity Of Approach:

This is one of the many reasons why the firm has been able to provide solutions to a vast majority of people. The ability to think outside the box gives room for new ideas, new perspectives, new goals, and new inspiration that can help them recover your lost funds.

With a highly diversified staff, Money-Back seeks to apply different approaches and using unconventional methods to solve everyday problems. You can be confident that whatever the case may be, this firm will devise a means to provide a solution to it.


Money-Back is a firm that tries to maintain a high level of transparency in every aspect of its dealings with clients. It ensures that its clients are well informed about what they are getting into to conduct business legally.

The company expects that every one of its clients gives detailed and accurate information themselves. In the same manner, it provides you with a complete list of the prices of its services, hiring practices, and other internal processes.

This unique quality is maintained by every employee, and this is one of the factors contributing to its ever-increasing popularity.

Vast Amount Of Experience:

Money-Back has amassed quite a great deal of experience since the four years that it has been in business. It has dealt with a lot of online scam cases such as binary options, cryptocurrencies, forex, CFDs, and other cybercrime, and as such, it knows the various approach to use in each case.

It is also very familiar with many financial regulators, law firms, personal banks, and major banks all over the world. This much help in providing it with specific knowledge and methods that can be used to hasten the time spent on a case that would have otherwise consumed a reasonable amount of time, and this also increases the success rate.

Expert Services:

This company is a firm believer in the concept of quality over quantity. For this reason, it ensures that its staff comprises of individuals who are knowledgeable in their various areas of specialization.

The accountants, lawyers, consultants, and the entire service team are all experts in their fields, and they have proven real-life-experiences and recognition from several well-known institutes in the world.

Efficient Customer Support:

The Money Back service team is very active in ensuring that the needs of every client are met. The company has a fast and reliable customer support system through which you can make your requests known to the team of experts to get your funds back.

You can reach out to the company through their various contact information and social media handles such as Twitter, Instagram, emails, and many more.


You do not have to be defrauded by online scammers before you seek professional help. It is a wise decision to consult with Money Back if you are searching for a broker or any online service provider to sign up with to know which one is reliable and which one is not.

Money-Back has a lot of experience in this field, coupled with several cases that were solved successfully and a high level of transparency and dedication to eliminating the activities of cybercriminals.

The money that you lost is yours, and you need to fight for it. You are not alone because Money-Back will assist you with everything you need to bring back your stolen funds successfully.


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