Moral philosophy of gambling and Its appearance on Blockchain

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Gambling has always been described as a bad habit. The laws of states, the religion and morality of society, the thoughts of people, come to a consensus on gambling, and emerges as a behavior to exclude it. Because the gambling habit is like a gulf with no boundaries up or down. If you see the bottom of this cliff, it may mean that you can’t go up again.

Gambling is a bad habit of the same as alcohol and drugs and social media addiction. So what is gambling in the eyes of a gambler? A passion, an indispensable habit. A gambler enjoys only doing this deed, regardless of the money he or she will win as a result of gambling. Just like the same happiness, a gambler loves the journey itself, not the end of the journey. But if the passions of the people are limited only to harm them, is it still our duty to judge this passion?

The areas of freedom of people are endless unless they disturb the free spaces of others. Because freedom, in a person’s own body, in the material state, provides the right to full right of disposition on thoughts. This right can never be grabbed by anyone else and does not need a reminder.

Human psychology is so complex that even thousands of scientists cannot understand it. Because every person is unique and each person has different thoughts. We will never know what has led people to pursue their passions, and we will never understand. Because man is everything that can be anything.

“Know that I’ve forgotten precisely nothing; but I’ve driven it all out of my head for a time, even the memories — until I’ve radically improved my circumstances. Then…then you’ll see, I’ll rise from the dead!
 ― Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Gambler

Gambling Industry and Problems:

The gambling industry still has a very important place in the world. This big industry now has a volume of 533 billion dollars on the world economy. Especially due to the widespread expansion of mobile phones and the increase in gambling over the internet, this industry is growing more and more every year. The formation of different sports branches and with the globalization of the world, people can play gambling in different areas. Not only private companies, but states offer their citizens the opportunity to gamble. This is such a big industry that even states want to get their share of this cake.

But there are problems that both private companies and the state ignore when gambling. Platforms that fail to face these problems want to reflect the financial burden of this to the users. I want to address a few of these problems:

  • Regional barriers: Although we live in a free world, we still face many obstacles. One of these obstacles is the limitations of the regions. People who want to gamble can be deprived of the freedom to gamble because of the regions they live in. Because of the measures were taken by states or the conditions imposed by companies, the users who are deprived of their liberty are forced to experience this pleasure.
  • Withdrawal restrictions:People living in these regions may have trouble withdrawing their money even if they gamble in some way. They can come across an intense bureaucracy in order to withdraw their money from the banks in their country. It has always been a problem for people living in this region to send money to gambling sites and receive money from gambling sites.
  • Risk of Fraud:The risk of fraud is the most important thing for people who gamble. All of the games that are played on the internet are in some way at risk of fraud. The fact that gambling sites are not sufficiently transparent and that security holes are present, always reveals the risk of fraud when playing games through these sites. The presence of all these vulnerabilities, non-transparent systems, gives users a bad experience.
  • Hidden fees:The best thing that online gamblers know, is the excessive commissions they pay. These commissions paid when depositing or withdrawing funds may be either: to the company and third party companies. When you deposit your money into the casinos, you are expected to pay excessive commissions first. You pay these plenty of commissions before you start gambling. This happens both when you deposit your money and when you withdraw your money.
  • Limits and slow processing speed of payout:Delays in payments and the return of earned money is a huge problem in the e-gambling industry. Those who want to invest in these platforms have to go through a very strict process first. There is also a lot of power in the withdrawal of the money earned as well as the cuts in the money they deposit. Casinos limit the money to be withdrawn, as well as payouts, can cause problems.

Some gambling projects worth exploring:

Faireum: Faireum is a Blockchain project that focuses on the problems of the online gambling industry and offers a decentralized, cost-effective, transparent and secure gambling experience.

To achieve this, Faireum is a platform designed to maximize the gaming experience by offering users a first-rate BET Experience, lottery, sports betting, casino games, digital games and much more.

888TRON: 888TRON uses the decentralized blockchain network rather than the web network we all know. This network is way safer, quicker and inaccessible, thus your gambling experience will increase. 888TRON distributes a lot of awards to its users because it minimizes these prices. It uses technology a lot of effectively to extend profits and focuses on earning a lot of revenue for its users. This new profit model developed by 888TRON focuses on the user experience by avoiding supererogatory expenses.

Bethereum: Bethereum is an innovative social betting solution built on blockchain technology. Designed to tackle the key challenges of conventional betting, it delivers a host of unique features and improvements. Starting with sport betting, our vision is to develop a wider ecosystem and establish the Bether token as the betting market standard.

A unique solution: Bethash Decentralized EOS Project.

The EOS blockchain is one of my favorite digital crypto units. They moved to their own blockchain and created a unique system. To be able to trade on this chain, you must first have an EOS account.

EOS accounts are 12 characters long and can contain the letters a-z and the digits 1–5. These account names replace the long and clumsy wallet addresses that are used in most cryptocurrencies.

Furthermore, every EOS account has permissions. Permissions can be seen as requirements which need to be fulfilled in order for a transaction to go through. An EOS account has 2 native permissions by default:

Owner: shows ownership of the account and is needed to make any changes to the ownership the account. This key(s) for this permission is/are best kept (safely) offline, as they are not needed to do most things on the EOS network.

Active: used for transferring funds, voting for producers and making other high-level account changes.

Is it a little complicated? No need to worry. When you are a member of, to qualify, simply deposit 2 USDT or more worth of these coins and they will automatically assign you an EOS account! Besides EOS, players can also bet with a variety of other cryptocurrencies and tokens, including Tether(USDT), Tron(TRX), and the most popular EOS tokens, including TPT,DICE and more.

Bethash uses the decentralized blockchain network instead of the internet network we know. This network is much safer, faster and unreachable, so your gambling experience increases. Bethash distributes more awards to its users as it minimizes these costs. It uses technology more efficiently to increase profits and focuses on earning more revenue for its users. This new profit model developed by Bethash focuses on the user experience by avoiding unnecessary expenses.

We are forced to pay high commissions to banks and other money transfer platforms when you are gambling on the internet. Because Bethash blockchain works with much lower commission fees by nature, this project offers you the opportunity to pay as little commission fees as you can almost disappear when you deposit or withdraw them.

Earn while you’re playing and staking system:

Bethash features two native tokens: Hpoint and HASH. For every 10 usdt worth of bets, players will be rewarded with 1 Hpoint, regardless of the outcome of the best. These rewards can then be used to earn more Hpoint by playing games or can be exchanged for Hash to participate in project loyalty reward system.

By staking Hash on the platform, you’ll automatically earn rewards from the payout pool! With %10 of the house edge being distributed to participant in the rewards program.

The pros of the project:

+ Thanks to its decentralized structure, the games you play and the bets you make cannot be traced.

+ Because it uses the EOS infrastructure, you can convert your earnings into many different altcoins or major coins, including EOS.

+ Register and make betting is much easier than other online betting sites that don’t use blockchain.

+ Transaction and commission fees are very low.

+ You can earn passive income by making dividend the coins you earn.

Cons of the project:

– I think the interface should be developed.

– The mobile app can be designed and give users a better player experience.


Gambling may have bad consequences for you and your environment. Like drinking alcohol and drugs. But if you are passionate about playing this game, I wish you to enjoy this excitement if you want to experience this excitement in a safe, transparent manner in a decentralized environment without harming yourself.

Legal Disclaimer: This paper is for general guidance only and it does not constitute legal investment advice.

Disclosures: Im not a part of any cryptocurrency or Bethash. I have not been paid or otherwise hired by Bethash too. All risks are your responsibility when investing.

Disclaimer: Please note that this thread is launched to introduce BetHash. Further information can be obtained by joining I am not part of the BetHash core team.


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