Most common misconceptions about life extension and longevity

It’s unnatural

Wrong. Let me tell you a story. In 18th and early 19th centuries there was a common doctrine of vitalism, which stated that living organisms are fundamentally different from non-living entities because they contain some non-physical element or are governed by different principles than are inanimate things. The reason for this simply was that scientist were unable to produce any organic compound synthetically, so many of them believed that it never gonna happen. This changed in 1828 when Friedrich Wöhle discovered that urea can be produced from inorganic starting materials.

It’s not possible

Wrong. Not only longevity will be possible in the future, but everything will be possible. Everything. As humanity progresses all secrets of science will be revealed. It’s not matter of “if”, but “when”.

It’s not gonna happen for a long time

Wrong. The world’s leading gerontologist Aubrey de Grey says that longevity will be possible within 30 years. This means that you will most likely be still around when it happens. It could also happen a lot faster with the condition that a lot more funds would be invested in life extension research.

People will not be able to die

Wrong. Please try to understand. No one is cancelling the laws of physics. Our bodies will not suddenly become indestructible, only because we have cured aging. Life extension will only solve one cause of death, the most common one, the death from age-related diseases.

People will still want to die

This is both wrong and stupid. You, who are reading this article, are most like well with lot of healthy years in the future. People like you, think that it will always be good, and are so afraid of death that they don’t even think about it. So before saying some such foolish, go to visit a hospital with terminally ill patients that could die any day and ask them, do they want to die. Perhaps then you will step out of your comfort zone and understand something.

People will stay old and sick

Wrong. Longevity and being sick/old are in contradiction with each other. People don’t die, from being healthy, they die from being. The only way to make people live longer is by curing diseases that cause them to die. The myth of old people living for centuries is ridiculously stupid and has nothing to do with longevity. On the contrary, the current medicine works the way that it does not treat the disease, but only tries to remove symptoms, which gives an old and sick person a few more years to life.

The world will face over population if we start living longer

Wrong. We are facing over population already and not because we will longer, but because some people breed like rabbits and have 5–10 children. The only way of solving the population crisis is by radically limiting birth rate, and not by letting existing people die.

Global warming and other environmental problems are more important

Wrong. The living the most important. We worry about global warming and other environmental problems only because theoretically they could kill us hundreds or thousands of years from now. But guess what? Something else will kill us much faster. Worrying about environment when we are dying from aging is as stupid as focusing on fixing your old house when you are about to die from cancer. Guess what? You’re gonna die before the house collapses.

Only rich people will live longer

It’s not about rich people, it’s about rich countries. In most western world we have free or very affordable medicine already. When life extension treatments will become mainstream, the same countries that provide current medicine for free will provide life extension medicine as well. But of course the countries where people are still dying from diarrhoea won’t be able to afford it. Perhaps in the future, it will change, but it’s only up to them.

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