My 2019 Predictions That Came True

I played a prediction game in 2019, and I dare to say, I played it pretty well.

So, let’s see how accurate were my predictions.

Prediction #1 – Upwork Stock Prices Will Turn Out To Be A Huge Disappointment.

I left more than one red flag in my articles.

I even quoted some guys who really knew what they were talking about:

“The double-digit drop today should serve as a nice reminder to investors on why it can make sense to wait a quarter or two before buying shares of any newly public company.”

Prediction #2 – Upwork’s Captain Won’t Go Down With His Ship.

Here on Hacker Noon, I pointed out Upwork’s CEO – Stephane Kasriel, preoccupation with stocks selling activities. The timing was perfect, to say the least.

Eventually, Upwork’s CEO stepped down. Why? Well, according to Fortune “amid depressed stock price.” My article’s illustration and one particular subheading became an ominous prediction:

“O Captain! My Captain! Why Are You Leaving Your Ship That Still Floats?”

Prediction #3 – Upwork Will Make Freelancers Pay To Play.

Talking about “unpleasant surprises:”

Prediction #4 – Fiverr Will Go Public.

Prediction #5 – Quora Will Become Shamelessly Biased in Freelance-Related Topics.

When I wrote about it in September of 2019, Quora and Toptal limited their “growth-hacking-activities” to the most popular freelance-related topics with the biggest number of followers, “only!”

Just in case you’ve been wondering, what Toptal has to do with Quora? Well, you should know that the co-founder and CEO of Quora – Adam D’Angelo is also among the top investors in Toptal. Nuff said.

Prediction #6 – GoLance Will Lower Their Service Fees.

Here’s what happened a few months later:

Prediction #7 – Upwork Will “Fix” Their Negative Trustpilot’s Score

Done. Upwork “improved” their TrustScore from 1.4/5.0 to 4.1/5.0. How?

What About Your Predictions For 2020?

Why not? Let’s play the prediction game again.

My First 2020 Prediction – Upwork stock prices will stay above $10. How do I know? Well, wait and see.

My Second 2020 Prediction – The new Upwork’s CEO will keep the old stock market habits. It’s already happening.

My Third 2020 Prediction – Hacker Noon’s Alexa ranking will be somewhere between 2.5K and 3K in 2020.

My Fourth 2020 PredictionFreelancing Mindset will have more than 100K followers by the end of this year and confirm its status as the most popular Quora Space for freelancers.

My Fifth 2020 Prediction – GoLance will lower their service fees, again.

My Sixth 2020 Prediction – The AB5 virus will spread all over the USA, not just Cali and NJ.

My Seventh 2020 Prediction – I won’t win a Noonie Award as the most controversial writer on Hacker Noon.

That’s all Hacker Noon folks! The 2020 prediction game is on!

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