My Path to Six Billion Notifications Sent

In January 2019 I launched Truepush, a free forever platform for Push Notifications, on ProductHunt. The very next morning after trending as the “Product of the day”, the skyrocketing growth was set to take place in the next coming months. A lot of growth strategies were implemented and continuous feature updates were done covering the journey of one whole year.

In January 2019, Truepush started with sending a few thousands of notifications from a handful of our clients, and after a year, Truepush has grown eminently by crossing more than 6 Billion+ notifications, trusted by 7500 + developers/marketers globally.

Uncovering the one year journey of Truepush, every preceding month was taken as a critical growth reference for the next month. The month on month growth racked up to 150%. The updates in the product were required and requested as per the use cases of the clients and served as an important parameter for the product’s growth. Also, it turned out to be an important customer retention strategy in addition to the rockstar customer support provided by the team.

In the year 2019, Truepush started giving a tough competition in the SaaS market for Push Notifications. The awards and achievements started coming in for the product’s capability of providing a free forever tool with rich features.

Truepush is equipped with powerful features like RSS-to-push, Audience segments, Triggers, etc. that are generally paid on other competitive platforms, thus, making it the most widely adapted push notification tool.

The number of notifications sent on a monthly basis is as follows-

Pictured Above, Monthly Notifications sent

The monthly growth of Truepush from August to December increased 5 folds within a short span of five months, an incredible growth indicator for a SaaS product.

The global Alexa rank of Truepush has improved from a few lakhs to now at 16,871 by January 2020.

From sending the first million notifications to hitting the next billion, this is how the numbers grew splendidly-

Pictured Above, Push Notifications Sent vs. Number of days

To achieve the first set of a billion notifications, it took 337 days. As the client base increased with more global brands using Truepush, the number of sent notifications increased exponentially. Truepush achieved the 4–5 Billion notifications in 16 days. Incredible customer support, organic growth, regular feature updates, ease of operating the tool, easy migration, and other important KPIs helped in this exponential growth.

Growth of Truepush in the next six months

Currently, Truepush is sending 80 Million notifications a day which would soon be converted into a bracket of 100 million a day in the coming few days. For the next quarter, Truepush is poised to achieve 1 billion notifications per day which would be a critical milestone for us and the start of another competitive journey in the push notification industry.

We expect Truepush, with the current growth, to be in the Top 3 positions in the industry by on-boarding fortune 500 companies. Additional plugins and features are part of the growth journey.

Our overall goal is to improvise on infrastructure to handle the expected scale of 1 Billion notifications/day by the end of the quarter.

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