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Going to the doctor for a body checkup is annoying: first you have to go there, then you have to handle an 1h queue and finally you have to pay. In most cases, you have lost 2 hours of your time because you are not sick at all. So we have found something quite interesting: a connected tool allowing you to make an immediate body checkup, whenever you want and above all, from home!

An immediate body Checkup…

From home? Are you serious? Yeah dude! 100% french technology certified, let me introduce you MyBiody, a connected tool allowing an immediate physical checkup and analysis “on demand”. Your doctor had better watch out! #health2.0.

With this tool, you will get a personalized analysis that allows you to understand the origin of some of your imbalances and how to solve them. Indeed, MyBiody, will provide you a ton of smooth data such as your muscle mass, your bone quality, your daily calorie needs, your hydration-water retention, your wellness score, your body fat… Yes, ladies, your body fat. But don’t forget that we love you as you are.

Connected with an intuitive app!

This available app on Apple Store and Play store will be your “body dashboard”, controlling it through charts and simple readable indicators. We wouldn’t expect nothing less for an Internet Of Thing tool!

But that’s not all! You will also be able to receive alerts if something is wrong (not to worry, it could be a simple loss of muscle mass) and to set some goals such as maximizing your athletic performance or lose weight safely.

Another important feature (maybe the most important one) is the possibility to share your report. You will be able to share your body dashboard with your trainer or doctor. Because in no case this tool will totally replace your doctor. It’s a good one for a body check-up, but if something is not normal, better to call Saul! (For the people who have not seen the best TV series ever, I wanted to say “better to call your doctor”).

Finally, this tool has also been thought for families. Indeed you can create as many accounts as you want with secure dashboards. So buying one MyBiody will be enough!

Who will need this tool?

This tool is perfectly designed for people having weight problems and are willing to manage them. Strength and Honor. You can do it.

Moreover, athletic people will also love this product as they will be aware of muscle mass and hydration, two important elements for good performance.

Finally, MyBiody will match with people caring about their health… You don’t? YOLO bro!

Where can I find this product?

You can have the MyBiody with 25€ OFF on Pick & Pow, the first crowd-empowering platform that highlights innovative products from young startups. You will also be able to discover MyBiody’s co-founders through an interview, and help them to gain in visibility!

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