New Survey Shows Around 26 Mln Americans Own – And 8 Percent Plan To Buy – Cryptocurrencies

A recent study on Americans and cryptocurrencies, commissioned by in February, shows that 8 percent, or around 26 mln, of Americans have purchased cryptocurrency.

Finder’s survey was answered by 2,001 Americans adults using Pureprofile, a site that gives cash rewards to users that participate in its surveys.

How many people own crypto in the US?

The survey found that out of the 92.05 percent of Americans that have not purchased crypto, almost 8 percent reported that they are planning on doing so in the future. According to the survey, men are more than double as likely as women to own cryptocurrency — 11.86 percent of all men to 4.27 percent of all women — as well as more likely to own more crypto in terms of dollar value.

The gender distribution of crypto owners in the US

Cryptocurrencies are disproportionately owned more by millenials as opposed to baby boomers–17.2 percent of millenials and 2.24 percent of baby boomers reported having crypto holdings.

Generations that own crypto in the US

A study from December of last year by Blockchain Capital also showed that millennials favor Bitcoin (BTC) over traditional bank accounts.

The survey also address the reasons why Americans are not buying cryptocurrencies. The majority of both men and women think that “there is no need or they are disinterested,” while the least popular reason for both genders is “there are too many fees.”

More than twice the amount of men as opposed to women consider crypto to be a bubble or a scam, but both genders see it about equally “too difficult to use” and “too complicated to understand.”

Reasons why people aren't buying cryptocurrency

Different generations have different reasons for their lack of owning any cryptocurrencies.

Reasons why people aren't buying cryptocurrency

As for the most popular kinds of cryptocurrency bought by American adults, Bitcoin comes in first place, with Ethereum (ETH) almost four percentage points lower in second, and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in third with less than one percent.

Distribution of cryptocurrencies

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