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Nickmercs is one of the best fps players in the world. Mercs first found fame playing Gears of War, Halo, Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone.

Nickmercs has become one of the most popular streamers of Warzone and ranks high as one of the game’s best. Here are Nickmercs’ Warzone settings to help you to elevate your game.

Nickmercs Controller Binds and Sensitivity Settings 

Nickmercs uses the Scuf controller when playing Warzone, a specially designed controller that adds two more thumbsticks. However, these controllers are expensive; you can use an alternative controller bind if you don’t want to splash the cash. 

More specifically, the bumper jumper tactical button layout. 

This specific controller layout allows you to switch A or X (depending on your controller) with your left bumper. Meaning, you jump with the left bumper and use tactical equipment with A or X. This button configuration mirrors the Schuf controller and is used by Mercs.

You will also want to keep the Sticklayout preset to default

For example: 

  • invert vertical look is disabled
  • deadzone at 0.15 
  • horizontal stick sensitivity at 6
  • vertical stick sensitivity should be at a 6 
  • ADH sensitivity multiplier at high
  • low zoom at 1.  

It is also recommended that to mimic Nickmercs loadout, the aim response curve and controller vibration are kept at a standard and vibration of the controller are disabled. 

Weapon and Movement Settings 

Nickmercs Warzone Settings also include weapons:

  • He keeps aim assist at a standard
  • Scale aim assist with FOV enabled
  • Merks uses ADS + melee with a weapon mount movement exit enabled. 
  • Make sure to ensure both the equipment behaviour and aim down sight behaviour are on hold. 
  • Depleted ammo weapon switch is enabled.

For movement:

  • Make sure site behaviour is on tap
  • Auto move forward is disabled
  • Auto move forward
  • Automatic sprint should be disabled
  • Change your vehicle camera recenter and parachute auto-deploy to enabled

Nickmercs Warzone Visuals and Graphics Settings 

  • Nickmercs sets his field of view to 100, which is independent
  • his brightness is set to 50 
  • HUD bounds to 10
  • Mini-map shape is square in the HUD while also having mini map rotation on
  • His frames per second and latency telemetry is enabled, which he likes to max out at a 240 variable refresh rate

Nickmercs MG28 Loadout  

Nickmercs uses various loadouts and playstyles to try and stay on top of his game when new gear and weapons are released. Currently, this is the new loadout he uses, which features the best LMG in the game.

Merks also favours the new MG82  machine gun introduced in season 4, opting for a classic agency suppressor muzzle, 16.4 task force barrel. Similarly, the weapon is equipped with an axel arms optic 3x, a serpent wrap grip and a field agent grip underbarrel.

Final Thoughts 

All in all, Nickmercs Warzone settings are the best of the best. The popular streamer has got his settings down perfectly, allowing him to take down other players efficiently, securing those crucial Warzone wins.

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