Nordic Law Firm Begin Accepting Bitcoin Payments For Legal Services

Matthew Tompkins · October 12, 2017 · 1:45 pm

Nordic Law, a Finland-based law firm today announced that they will begin accepting Bitcoin payments, citing client interest and adapting to new business environments as the reason for the move.

Nordic Law, a Helsinki, Finland based law firm specializing in business and tax law, made the announcement today on both Twitter and their company website that they are now accepting Bitcoin as a method of payment for their legal services.

In what appears to be a first for a law firm accepting Bitcoin, the company says that they have long assisted various domestic entities working within virtual currency markets, especially in dealing with tax issues which arise. Another major reason for the firm’s decision to accept Bitcoin payments would appear to be a growing interest from clients outside the Finnish border.

A notice on the Nordic Law website reads:

As we are active with cross border assignments, we have received several inquiries from foreign clients regarding payments in form of bitcoins and whether we accept such payments… as of 1.10.2017 (we) started to offer bitcoin payments as a payment alternative to our clients. In our view all relevant actors, including law firms, must adapt to the new business environments, wherein virtual currencies have a continuously growing significance.

Bitcoin Payments Not Just For The Luxury Market

Bitcoin has increasing been accepted by companies, particularly in the high-end services and luxury sector, with the news bringing both publicity and, for them, hopefully increasing early Bitcoin adopter clients who are now looking to spend their riches. Companies such as Daartz, Aston Plaza Residences in Dubai and even governments seeking to sell citizenship to their nations are jumping on the hot new bandwagon.

It is not just the luxury market either, in an increasingly less financially secure world there is now a growing acceptance among high street names accepting Bitcoin payments, moves indicating that Bitcoin acceptance is not just a publicity stunt. The cosmetic giant Lush, for example, recently announced that they would begin accepting Bitcoin payments, joining the likes of other online retailers such as the Steam games platform and

With all these companies now involving themselves in the cryptocurrency sphere there would appear to be increasing usage and legitimacy of the currency, these companies, in turn, require legal services, marking Nordic Law’s decision to accept Bitcoin as a potentially shrewd move.

Will we see increasing acceptance of Bitcoin for companies particularly requiring international payments? What services might you wish to see adding Bitcoin? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Images courtesy of Pixabay, Wikimedia Commons

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