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MRI has never been an easy option for a lot of people in the past who have suffered for this test in their life. There would be a considerable amount of unsettling experience that a patient has to bear throughout the MRI time. T

he Claustrophobia-inducing tube has to be placed over your body, and you have to be at a still position for more than one hour. It’s easy to think about in words, but the experience tends to become harder. Simultaneously, medical hardware creaks, whirs, and thumps around your body, which is not a good feeling.

However, thanks to the Facebook AI and NYU experts who have realized these issues and came up with the suggestion of artificial intelligence. It will help the entire system complete tests at a four-times faster speed. It will help all the patients to experience the process for a more decrease time and go. Hence, the entire process will get quicker as compared to the older times.

The best part about this model is that it will pair with high and low-resolution MRI scans. Another good thing about the procedure is that it will use the same model to predict the finals MRI scans results just after putting the input data for a quarter. In this way, there is a considerable chance that the data will come efficiently and faster than ever before. It will help the patients stop feeling the hassles they have to experience in the past so that the diagnoses will arrive more quickly.

According to Nafissa Yakubova (the AI researcher at FAIR working on this project, this decision is making a revolution in the MRI field.

The neural network makes it possible for the medial scan to construct an abstract idea. Later, the training data would be examined. Afterward, the same data will make it possible for the machine to predict the final output.

If we explain this idea with an example, consider an architect who tends to design infrastructure for numerous banks in a year or two. Later, the architect will get fully-aware of how a bank will look like. So, when a new project comes, the architect will finish the work quickly by creating the final blueprint.

If we talk about the FastMRI team, they have been working on this issue for a long time. However, the endless efforts made it easier for them to say that they have come up with a reliable method. The radiologists tried both AI and traditional ways of scans.

At the same time, the experts are also worried about the errors that are evident in the process. So, they are considering experiments as an essential part of this process. There are various instances where humans have to manually check the output and make all the things evident to match the input correctly. Moreover, it’s worrying that the MRI scans could also may product incorrect outputs due to false predictions by the algorithm.

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