On the Future of NFT, Play 2 Earn: Meet the Writer Sergey Baloyan | Hacker Noon

Sergey Baloyan is the founder of X10 Agency. He works with fintech projects, most of which are related to crypto. He tries to write mostly about the crypto industry and its trends. He is also interested in other disruptive industries, such as biotech, VR/AR, longevity, space, and so on. He says being a writer in tech can be a challenge, but an addition to another one. He hopes to start his own YouTube podcast with the biggest worldwide tech and crypto stars. He also has a non-tech-related hobby: Chess, women, Muay Thai.


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Sergey Baloyan

Entrepreneur, X10.Agency Founder | DeFi/Crypto/NFT marketing and launch | Worked with 70+ projects


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