Opporty, a Perspective Marketplace, Announces Launch of ICO in Under One Month

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Opporty, a decentralized blockchain-powered marketplace, announced the launch of its Initial Coin Offering. October 18 will be the day when the new revolutionizing service-focused platform will enter the ICO world. Only one month remains to start public sales of 400 million of OPP tokens (Phase I). There will be 1 000 000 000 OPP tokens released in total, worth of 80,000 ETH (Phases I and Phase II).

The collected funds will be invested in further development of services and in implementing all features, which are specified in Opporty’s roadmap. The company plans intensive expansion of its operations around the globe to reach more businesses and service providers.

Opporty is not another fly-by-night company, it is ruled by Sergey Gribnyak and his advisors who have many years of experience in blockchain and doing business. Being dedicated to blockchain technologies, the advisory team are all professionals within their sphere. Working as a team, they will make a substantial impact on the on-demand lead generation industry. Few companies exist that can provide reliable benefits both for small businesses and contractors.

Opporty claims to be the first company to provide an effective marketplace with secured agreements between businesses and contractors, offering mutually beneficial conditions. Opporty encourages cooperation between parties and provides affordable services. Furthermore, all transactions between parties will be supported by Ethereum cryptocurrency, meaning that bank transactions are not necessary to enable successful business interactions.

According to statistics, only a small number of businesses survive beyond the first year. The highly competitive environment forces businesses to produce only quality products and render good services. Small businesses cannot afford to employ industry-wide professionals, so they rely on contractors to fulfill their projects.

The quality of a contractor’s work can significantly impact the overall success of a business. Opporty provides a way of ensuring that both parties will be satisfied with their interaction. The platform introduces Escrow-Judges who supervise each disputed agreement, resolving any issues which might otherwise lead to a court trial. Legal proceedings are expensive and stressful for small and mid-sized businesses. Opporty provides protection from misconduct and fraudulent activities on the part of contractors. Additionally, Opporty employs Ethereum to strengthen its tokens.

Ethereum blockchain support of all transactions ensures secure and transparent interactions between two parties. Blockchain is used to sign strong smart-contracts which cannot be disputed in court, and which guarantee an agreement’s execution. Opporty provides a safe environment for parties who have no reason to trust each other. This is of significant importance for small businesses, which cannot survive major misconduct associated with low quality products and services provided by a contractor.

Opporty aims to improve business growth and productivity. The traditional way of doing business is becoming obsolete, especially in the world of the Internet, where businesses prefer to work online. This new approach to business requires the best service providers, which Opporty provides on its affordable and easy-to-use platform.

Tokens sold in Opporty’s ICO are supported with Ethereum and by the company’s services. Most transactions between parties on the platform will be made with OPP tokens. Furthermore, Opporty will launch bounty to enable users to earn tokens and spend them on the company’s services. The value of OPP tokens is supported by the value of all agreements signed on Opporty. At this time, each OPP token equals 0,0002 ETH.

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