Our accidental checklist for landing on №.3 on producthunt.com

A month ago explored on how to get on to top 10 list of the day on Product Hunt. From our research and from one of the team members experience, we ended with a very big checklist of to-do’s to be in the top 10 list on Product Hunt. It seemed an exhaustive list and we decided we will do it after a couple of months because it needs deliberate planning and effort. You can find a lot of these checklists on the Internet.

Yesterday, we ended up on the №3 Position in product hunt with 640+ upvotes(and still counting) from all across the world. Despite all the checklists the common checklists outside, we really have a different checklist that worked in our favor. Before that, let me tell you from the start.


Here’s what happened.

  1. We created the profile in the morning
  2. Realized it is trending in top 7 by evening with 73 votes
  3. I and my colleagues pushed it in our groups with a direct link to the product and got to 100 + votes
  4. Realized it is backfiring, then asked people to search for us on product hunt and upvote at 130+ votes or something
  5. By the night we were fluctuating between 5 and 6 positions, we thought it will be great if we cross 200 votes
  6. By morning we realized it is at 249 and only a few upvotes to go to a couple of positions up.
  7. Took all the help we got from the community, friends, and colleagues(might have got more than 150 votes with these groups).
  8. ProductHunt sent a notification about us to all their subscribers which added fuel to the fire.

9. Product hunt tweeted twice about us (interestingly other products tweeted before and after us didn’t have many likes but we were 3–4 times ahead of them)

10. Ended up in top 3 positions by afternoon with 430 + votes or around

11. By the night, it still kept going and currently at 640 + votes

12. Next day they sent an email about us in their newsletter.

Here is what I think worked, Let me call it our accidental checklist

  1. Made a profile with good screenshots
  2. We made a robust product (kudos to our dev team)
  3. The design is sleek (kudos to our designer Pramodh)
  4. Outreach team worked great on replying to queries and comments(kudos to Ravi and team)
  5. We had a product that people really are interested in — We realized free push notification product is something global audience would love to try.
  6. We got lucky with the timing and day (maybe)
  7. The Product hunt community loved us and our own Hyderabad community and colleagues at Way2 helped us push it.
  8. The momentum of upvotes kept by itself and its still going

Special thanks to

  • Ravi for sending about us quickly to 1000+ people on a notification in Startup Hyderabad.
  • Praveen, Chethan, and Megha from Startupbyte for helping us push it on all their social media handles and user base
  • T.H.E Group which surely would have contributed us a lot, other groups worth a mention — CIE, SLP, Startup Talks, TSaas
  • To all Teams at Way2 and Leadership team, they contributed a big part to this reacting instantly getting upvotes from their teams.
  • Firstly and lastly to our team who worked really hard to bring the product out, I think we are starting to see the viral effect on our product with the market. With no free push notification alternative in the market, we are sure to capture a good share of the pie.

Here are our proud team members, say hi 🙂 ( we never had a formal picture clicked, putting the best of the lot), thanks to the supporting team members from Testing team, marketing team and other teams at way2.

Members from left to right — Prudhvi, Jilani, Lokesh, Mahesh, Manoj, Praveen, Nagamani, Eshwari, Ravi, David, Pramodh

Will be coming with a detailed list of what happened during the growth and post that in a detailed blog @ https://www.truepush.com/blog/. Subscribe to truepush notification to get updated we post the blog.

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