Pewdiepie leaves Youtube to Stream Exclusively on Blockchain

What does this mean for blockchain

For anyone who is involved in the blockchain industry, it is common to see big named corporations named as partners in blockchain exploration and research. But adoption is still a work in progress. Over the last 24 months, following the recent boom in cryptocurrencies, there has been a strong push transferring Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), or blockchain tech, into real use cases around the world. There have been a number of challenges hindering this task, most notably, lack of clear regulations as well as the blockchain trilemma. As a result many people in the mainstream industries are generally reserved when it comes to openly showing support for this new industry.

But when the biggest creator of youtube, turns his back on the giant to openly support blockchain, it is safe to say things are changing. Fear of the unknown is being replaced with the excitement of joining a pioneering movement. It is no longer the public’s view of ‘blockchain: the cryptocurrency scam’, but rather ‘blockchain: the technology that will change the world’.

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It is common now, to hear of banks employing blockchain tech in some manner; to hear of large technology companies partnering with blockchain firms to transfer their applications onto the DLT. It is normal to see governments working with organisations to enhance the use case of blockchain throughout the world.

And now, it is normal to see some of the biggest names online to openly support blockchain and adopt it. People have been asking me, are we in a new era with blockchain. And I would say yes! We are moving into the Era of Blockchain Adoption. So get ready world, we are here to stay and together we will make a positive difference.

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