Prepare your resume quickly and easily in a matter of minutes with Novorésumé

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Even though you may get contacted by different recruiters via LinkedIn, chances are they will still ask for your resume. Finding you on LinkedIn was only the first part of the recruiting process. That is why it is important to also have a resume prepared that you can use. Novorésumé is a really great alternative when it comes to preparing resumes.

It is a really good tool that gives you the opportunity to prepare your resume in a matter of minutes, in an easy-to-use layout that is also very user-friendly.

It comes with customizable templates that you can use, interchangeable fonts, themes, and layouts. It also comes with a built-in real-time content optimizer that analyses the content, experience, and geolocation to provide immediate suggestions for the best possible content.

You can add your image, contact details, short summary about yourself, education, expertise, projects and skills.

Here are some of its core features, as described by its CEO in ProductHunt:

– All the sections needed is already provided by our tool, so you have more time to focus on creating a quality content

– Layout optimizer checks that content is readable and aligned

– Live feedback will provide with tips and examples

– Automated synchronization

– Multiple languages — all sections easily customisable to the language preferred

– Templates are approved by recruiters and employers

Novorésumé is free, but has some premium features that you need to pay for if you want to use them on your resume.

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