Prepare your Skill Set for Web Developer Interviews — Part 2


One of the most popular questions in interviews is ‘Tell me about something you built’. This is a question that you can practice in your home before the interview. Sometimes it’s even hard to discuss this request without any preparation. You need to pick something that you built or a part in one of your projects which you know its details. You don’t must to choose something that you implemented by yourself, but

As much as you implemented and understood more parts of the solution, the discussion about it will be easier and more natural

When you asked to do so you need to draw the main blocks of the architecture. It depends on how much it’s big. If it’s not so big you can draw the classes that you chose to use if there is. Otherwise, you can draw blocks of Micro-Services or other parts of the architecture. It’s preferred to explain shortly the requests and the restrictions that you implemented the solution according to them. You need to be able to explain the flow of the process. For example, REST APIs that the service can serve.

This part of the interview can be evolved in some ways. You can be asked to implement some parts of the solution in details. You can be asked to suggest an improvement to the solution according to some new restrictions or information which the interviewer will give to you. For example, ‘There are some points of failure in a big flow of your report generation, how can you cope with them?’ or ‘There is a massive operation that stuck other requests from being served, what can you do?’. Some of the answers can be ‘implement a queue’, ‘do preprocessing’, ‘add scheduled tasks’, ‘add more instances of the service’, and many more.

System Design and Flows — photo credit for

As you can see this part is very dynamic and can be flown to a lot of parts of knowledge and experience. With all of this, you need to remember that it’s something you can practice and learn before the interview. My advice is to do so. Think about the solution, pros, cons, obstacles and restrictions that can appear. As such as you be more prepared for this part, you will have confidence and you will be less nervous. I like this kind of parts in interviews 🙂

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