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Nowadays, everything is done online, and that includes shopping as well. So, now is the correct time to invest in eCommerce.

Whether you are selling salad dressing, sneakers, or anything else, you should hop on board the eCommerce website bandwagon. An eCommerce website provides an opportunity to build your brand, sell more products, and connect with more customers. So, you need to have a good website design.

But how will you create an eCommerce website that will have your products flying off your virtual shelves?

Here are the top 8 eCommerce website design tips that can take your business to the next level.

1. Keep It Simple

One of the main rules you should know for making your eCommerce website is ‘Keep it simple.’

Simple is always suitable for the layout of an eCommerce website. However, if you have more elements on your page, such as banner ads, colors, and pop-ups, it will take away the entire point of the website, i.e., closing a sale.

Don’t add a ton of whistles and bells on your eCommerce website. Such elements only create a distraction. Instead, keep your design clean, clear, and simple while focusing on scoring the sale.

2. Make Branding A Priority

People shop online from established brands and not unknown eCommerce websites that look like they are trying to steal their credit card info.

To build customer’s trust and drive serious sales, put some thought into your branding. Branding acts like the DNA of your website. It defines your company, what your company is about, and how your eCommerce website is different from the others. Hence, branding plays a huge role in building a connection with the customers and drives sales.

3. Think Like A Website Visitor

To connect with the audience, you need to think like the audience. There are only a few things your customers need in an eCommerce website, and that is a user-friendly interface. Your eCommerce website should be well-designed, easy to navigate, and makes the process of shopping seamless.

If you want to succeed, then give the customer what they want.

During the designing phase, imagine yourself in the shoes of your customers. What kind of layout is simple to navigate? How should you do product configuration so that they make sense to the potential visitors? How can you optimize the checkout process?

When you think like your customers, you can develop the things they want in an eCommerce website and meet those needs.

4. Use High-Quality Images

In the web design world, it’s standard information that images increase conversion. And it’s even more true in the eCommerce world.

No one is going to purchase a product that they have not seen. So, if you want customers to purchase your products, you have to show them what they will buy. Make sure all the images are of high quality. 

Get professional images taken of all your products and from multiple angles. It will help in building trust and confidence in your customers to make the purchase. So, do yourself a favor and don’t skip this step. It will get more traffic to the ecommerce website, and your customers will thank you.

5. Make Your Content Scannable

You can spend hours crafting long descriptions for all your products on the eCommerce website. But, here is a news flash – NO ONE WILL READ IT!

Research has revealed that visitors read only 20% of the text on any website. Instead of reading the entire content, they skim through the text to find the important information. Thus, if you want to convey your message and drive sales, make your content scannable.

Simply break up the content. Whether it’s blog posts, product descriptions, or your “about us” page – make it in an easy-to-scan format. Keep paragraphs as well as sentences short, use bullet points, and make the text bold to grab attention.

It will be easy for them to scan the content and they will more likely absorb your messages and buy your products.

6. Make Categories Easy To Navigate

Nothing and we repeat nothing will destroy a sale quicker than clunky product pages. If your customers have to click around ten menus before they get to the product they want, they will leave your website.

Make the product pages and categories easy to navigate. Make it simpler for each customer to look for products and filter them by size, color, or product type. Trust us; it will help you make more sales.

7. Make Checkout A Breeze

Remember how we mentioned earlier that clunky product pages kill sales faster. Well, a clunky checkout is no good either.

If your checkout process is not convenient, then you will lose customers. Make the checkout page simple, clean, and easy to navigate. Give your visitors the option to either register to your website or checkout as a guest.

Hence, make all the information you need crystal clear, including where it has to be added. Also, mention the different payment options and shipping methods. Also, mention your refund policy there and then. Then, once the order is done, take them to a confirmation page to know their order is done. It will do wonders for you.

8. Make It Responsive

No doubt that cell phones have surpassed PCs as the most famous way to surf the web. And it also includes shopping.

We’ll keep it simple – if you want to capture your target audience who shop on their tablets or phones, you need to make sure that your eCommerce website is fully responsive. Otherwise, you won’t convince your customers that your website is the place where they want to buy something.

Wrap Up!

It can be pretty tricky to design an eCommerce website. But it does not mean that you can’t design a perfect ecommerce website. Now that you know the essential things required for web designing, it will surely help you convert. Implement our tips to provide your eCommerce website the overhaul it deserves.


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