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June 7th 2020

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I think I can safely say that nobody understands quantum [theory]

– Richard Feynman

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Below are some fun & weird Quantum facts

Unlike Classical bit, quantum bit can be in both stages, 0 & 1 at the same time.

Isn’t it kinda unreal superposition

A Quantum bit can not be copied like classical bits

A Quantum bit can get altered when measured, and it can affect other unmeasured bits as well

Quantum data can’t be stored and imported. Quantum data must be prepared as layers in your Quantum circuit

You can entangle two quantum particles & after that, even if they are on different planet, or on the opposite side of the universe, you could instantaneously teleport information (Quantum state) from one particle to other. [Quantum Entanglement]

Quantum Mechanics and Classical Mechanics don’t agree all the time.

As per classical mechanics, If we keep a particle (atomic scale) behind a barrier and unless it gets enough energy to pass through barrier it will not be able to do so. Whereas Quantum Mechanics says, even without that enough energy the partial can cross the barrier (though with a very small probability). This is called Quantum Tunneling.
Time Travel anyone ? [check this & this]

Quantum Computers would be able to break many of today’s encryption/ decryption techniques.

But worry not, we are decades away from such a day, but the same techniques should be able to give us better algorithms

Quantum Supremacy: Quantum Computer Solving a problem which is infeasible for classical computer

The difference was not much though 😉
It took Google’s Sycamore just 200 seconds what the fastest classical supercomputer would do in 10,000 years.

Just like a Qubit, any Quantum Computing Claim Online could be both True and False at the same time.

2. When Google, IBM & Microsoft are racing against each other for Quantum Supremacy, many big physicist think they are not focusing in right direction. [read]

The biggest challenge for Quantum System is to maintain the Quantum state of Qubits, i.e. keeping a Qubit pristine. It is difficult to keep Quantum system unaffected from its surrounding environment, which leads to loss of Quantum information (decoherence).

With every addition of a Qubit to a system this problem (noise) increases, and just to make Good 50 (logical) qubit system, it needs around 1000s to millions of physical (noisy) Qubits

To keep these systems stable, they are kept at extremely low temperatures like — 460 degrees Fahrenheit. [check]

All of the above information does not mean, Quantum computers would replace our classical computers, but there would be mixed computation systems, where both the type computers would help each other solve the problems they individually are good at.

Similar to CPU + GPU systems today, in Quantum era, we would have CPU + GPU + QPU (Quantum Processing Unit) systems. There would still be task on which Classical computers would be faster than Quantum computers and vice versa.

I hope after reading this post, you are in both states simultaneously, “interested” as well as “not interested” in learning more about Quantum Computing.

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