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Banner advertising is the best image-based online form of advertising. Traditionally, these ads were at the top and the right-side panel of the website. However, today these ads are placed in the center along with the main content, making it more appealing.

Placing banner ads efficiently can generate a lot of traffic and click-through conversions. But merely placing would not suffice; You have to make it creative too.

Imagine you are reading a blog and a banner ad pops up, but it is just too much text and no color coordination whatsoever, will you click on it? Or will you ignore and move forward?

So how exactly do you make a banner ad successful?

Who are you making these ads for:

Start with answering this simple question, why and for whom are you making these ads? Who is your target audience? Finding a target audience is the basic necessity of every marketing campaign. Without defined traffic, your time, money, and resources will go in vain.

Make sure to construct your profile based on demographic and psychographic abilities (age, gender, interests, etc.)

For instance: the target audience of Netflix is men and women belonging to the age group 20-40 who love watching movies and series.

Provide a solution:

The prospect should have shown clear intent of purchase before targeting them with the sales ad that highlights discount or limited time offer

For instance: I will give you two examples

  • Sale, sale sale, monsoon sale, buy 1 get one free, order now. Sale sale sale.
  • Finding it hard to plan a much-needed shopping trip? Are you drowning in work? We are here to solve your problem. Order your dream outfits sitting at your home/workplace. 20% discount on the first purchase. Hurry!

Which one will you choose?

Next is to create a unique value:

Why exactly should your customers choose you over your competitors? Find a differentiating factor and create an ad based on it. A website has a lot of noise and a lot of banners trying to grab attention. Your UVP should be strong enough to attract customers and convert them.

For instance: Apple’s UVP is its camera. So all the ads are constructed focusing on that.

Place your banner at the top or below the navigation bar or just above the content; this would make it noticeable. Consumers try to ignore everything unimportant. Placing the ad alongside the main body will increase the click-through rate.

Keep it simple, do not overdo the design. Your message should be clear and concise. Avoid writing too much. Use proper color techniques.

Lastly, as I have said before, the success of every campaign is possible only with proper tracking and evaluation. Rectify the problems and campaign errors as soon as they come.


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