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The gambling industry is a highly prospective segment of the world economy and continues to maintain a stable growth rate. In 2017 the gross win of the global gambling market was estimated at about 465 billion U.S. dollars. The collective gaming industry is highly prospective and performs a stable growth rate. The casino industry generates high revenues and healthy profit margins. These industries all have the chance to outperform many popular industries and to continue growing in the future.

“Gambling is entertainment… Financial markets, what one often refers to as speculation, is really the force by which we move capital to the best and highest use” — Hunter S. Thompson

Stable revenue growth and high hopes for the future of the gambling industry have stimulated a huge wave of investment. Various financial moguls have become casino investors, and after seeing the ROI numbers it is not hard to understand why. However, some blossoming casino hotspots perform almost too well, and a high level of interest from foreign and local investors creates overheating risks.

Obviously, the industry does not avoid innovations but there has always been a missing piece that kept it conservative. Even online gambling was only a minor step forward and still lacks transparency and privacy. Bringing blockchain to the gambling industry is a real breakthrough, which will help to solve a huge number of problems often associated with it.

RA Entertainment Inc. is a high-tech company focused on creating advanced user experiences in gambling. The team focuses on developing and delivering effective and affordable solutions, both for online and offline levels of interaction.

RAcoin team plans to create is a new Las Vegas, which gives myriads of opportunities to enjoy your free time, relax, start a new hobby. What is more, RA Entertainment Inc. is already in the process of negotiations with a number of the best world-class entertainment centres, which will accept RAcoin as a global cryptocurrency for gambling.

Currency RA Entertainment Inc. is running a public token sale, which will run from 28 April until 28 May 2018. The company has also made a splash on the ICO market in March 2018, raising almost $ 10 mln during the pre-sale!

Nowadays, RA Entertainment Inc. plans to attract the best companies and businessmen to upgrade the gambling industry forever!

The company has already reached its soft cap, 2,000,000,000 RAC, which amounts to 20 000 ETH! The next goal is reaching the hard cap of the token sale and becoming a leader in the world of gambling.

RAcoin community is constantly growing and developing. All RAcoin token sale participants are excited about the RAcoin jackpot, which will grand valuable prices!

t the same time, RAcoin will run as an alternative payment method on racasino.pw — online casino developed independently by RA Entertainment Inc. Being optional and existing in parallel to other methods of payment, RAcoin does not cut off the audience that is not ready for blockchain innovation. However, due to low fees on withdrawals, RAcoin is much more profitable and convenient in use and can easily attract new-comers.

Join the RAcoin token sale!

Let us change the future of gambling industry together!

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