Ravn Is the Dual-Coin Crypto Solution to All Your Mobile Communication Needs

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We have talked on numerous occasions before about subjects such as ‘mobile visualization’ and ‘AR’ when it comes to mobile communications technology. Whilst there are many items of concern for many, in large part due to the huge market value associated with the sector, we feel that there the idea of encrypted messaging and activities are largely under-discussed.

In this light we have decided today to perform a deep-dive into Ravn’s unique, eponymous and decentralized blockchain-based mobile platform. This will be in addition to its associated cryptocurrency: ‘KORRAX’.

While still in a private ICO stage, Ravn is making large strides with their platform and have already released a working beta MVP of their chat application.

Their roadmap however, details various apps which will comprise an all-in-one encrypted mobile suite and ecosystem. These include: chat, photo sharing, voice calls, wagering, video calls and sharing, digital wallets, document editing, as well as many others.

Current state of mobile communications industry

The current state of digital communications is a worrying one, at least if most news coverage and sensational reports are anything to go by.

Whilst Cambridge Analytica put the likes of Facebook and Twitter in the spotlight, their implications in such unethical deeds should come as no surprise to anybody who knows — deep down — how these social media platforms operate. It’s been going on for a lot longer than since this exposé.

A reactionary industry has risen in parallel, which is made up of organizations such as WhatsApp, Telegram, and others. These are often referred to as ‘encrypted messaging’ or ‘secure message’ apps, and yet they are still subject to serious security threats.

There is also something else they all have in common: they are all built using centralized privately-owned servers for data and transaction storage, processing, and tracking.

Introducing Ravn, Decentralized and Revolutionary

The Ravn team believes that their solution is different for a whole host of reasons.

Through use of decentralized blockchain, or ‘distributed ledger’ technology, Ravn will provide a groundbreaking solution. It will incorporate various advanced encryption protocols and methodologies, to provide a truly secure mobile application platform.

Ideologically, the principles behind Ravn can be compared in some ways to the Tor encrypted network and what has come to be known as the ‘dark web’. It is likely that this inspired their decision to call their whitepaper, the ‘dark paper’ (link here).

Tor isn’t decentralized though, or at least not yet, and in this sense Ravn will be a few steps ahead of even this lauded (if controversial) technology.

The Token and the Team

Ravn is set to start its ICO for KORRAX (‘KRX’) on June 7th 2018, in conjunction with the launch of the full versions of both their Android and iOS chat applications and will finish on July 4th, 2018. Initial price will be USD 0.05 = 1 KRX, and accepted currencies include: Stellar Lumens, Bitcoin, USD, and Ethereum.

KORRAX is to be a Stellar based utility token which can be stored in their proprietary ‘invisible wallet’ for security purposes. As such: it will provide an “anonymous payment and income stream”, in addition to “anonymous stealth addresses” as well as “mixing pools” AKA coin blenders.

The team behind the project is comprised of a tight-knit leadership team which features a handful of accomplished blockchain and business experts including…

If you are interested in learning more, take a look at Ravn’s official website, as well as their ‘dark paper’. They also have various active social media presences, where you can find out the latest updates straight from the source (Facebook Medium, Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, Instagram).

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