Reengineer the Future of Work: nCent Blockchain Hackathon Registration OPEN!

The theme for this upcoming hackathon is Re-engineering the Future of Work. As we explained in this article, we believe that many markets in our economy are highly inefficient, mostly due to the misaligned interest of third parties that skim off the top of our shared work.

We think the solution is to create new incentives for people to perform work or find others in their networks to do the same. Our working hypothesis is that this is best achieved by using blockchain technology, which requires significantly less trust than prevailing methods of incentive creation. In fact, we think that the right incentives on a blockchain could revolutionize our conception of “work.”

To prove our concept, we are inviting developers and crypto-enthusiasts to register for our hackathon, where they’ll be working closely with our development team to design employment-related applications on our blockchain. Some of these projects can revolutionize how people find jobs, how businesses find the right logos, and how multi-staged projects are completed by ad hoc groups of experts.

Space is limited, and the registration process is now open. You can register by clicking here.

We look forward to hacking with you!

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