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Remote development teams help expand existing teams without increasing operational costs, and so they’ve become a new trend in leading industries. They help to achieve progress on projects without hiring full-time employees and create room for hiring experts within budget and with a lot of flexibility.

The Benefits of Hiring Remote Teams:

Having a remote team allows you to tap into better talent without the restrictions imposed by geography.

You can hire a remote team of developers from another country without having to worry about visa sponsorships and office space, and still reap the benefits of their skills and expertise.

Remote teams also contribute to productivity as equal time is spent on work and personal life, and taxing commutes are out of the picture. It also helps that remote workers can work out of familiar environments and be at their most creative.

Companies can save thousands on operational costs, especially given that rent and office overheads can prove to be very expensive in the long run. This money can be circulated back into ensuring the wellbeing of workers and making remote teams work comfortably.

The Best Ways to Hire Remote Developers :

There are a handful of ways to hire a remote development team for a short-term or long-term project.

Through networks: Reaching out to existing developer networks can help source individuals who are prepared to work remotely and have the right skills

Freelance platforms: If you need one or two developers, then freelance platforms such as Freelancer and Upwork may have the right people for this. This is ideal for small budgets and teams that need one or two gaps to be filled but are otherwise ready to roll.

Remote hire companies: There are companies dedicated to providing organizations with full-fledged digital teams. This is great for companies with no existing team, as these teams come pre-created with the right number of developers, engineers, designers and researchers if required. These teams are usually already skilled in remote work and only need to be briefed on the project before getting started.

Top Companies to Hire Dedicated Development Teams From :

1) CONTUS DigitalTeams — Full-scale Flexible Teams

You can hire remote software developers, programmers, coders and cloud architects with CONTUS DigitalTeams. The convenient set up allows you to build a team with individuals who fit best into the team. You’re also able to scale this team as and when the specifications and scale of your project increases.

You will be able to set up your own remote production team — one that includes developers, solution planners, quality experts and a committed project manager. With their help, you’ll be able to take your project from 0 to 100 within a reasonable time frame.

2) Arc — Silicon-Valley Level Talent Apt for Different Collaborative Models

In their talent pool, Arc has over 20,000 engineers who have all been screened and verified using Silicon Valley-standard review procedures. In general, Arc caters to businesses that are looking to hire dedicated developers and engineers for software and apps on a freelance or full-time basis.

These developers can work as remote teams that are extensions of in-house teams, or out of remote offshore hubs.

3) Trio — Helping SMEs Recruit Top Software Talent

By presenting you with hand-selected specialists in software engineering on request, Trio helps you kick start projects from scratch or bridge gaps within existing teams. Trio is by far one of the best options to hire remote software developers today, whether you have a one-time ask or a continuing long-term project.

They focus only on sourcing and vetting software engineers and developers, and this niche focus allows them to recruit only top talents who display more than adequate skills and personality traits.

4) X-Team — High-performing Remote Developers for Scalable Teams

X-Team encourages enterprises to recruit committed, full-time remote developers with in-house teams. Their agile contacts allow enterprises, while keeping complete control over project schedules and workflows, to scale up or down as they prefer.

Their advantages include committed developers working full-time as part of the in-house team, versatile and highly flexible contracts with easy billing systems, and ready-to-hire trained developers with all the right skills.

5) Toptal — Top Software and Application Talents From Around the World

Toptal is an exclusive network of the world’s leading freelance developers, programmers, finance professionals, sales managers and project managers that specialize in software and applications. They select only the top 3% of talents that apply, ensuring that companies get access to the cream of the crop who have the skills and expertise to take a project from start to finish.

You can hire a dedicated remote developer or two to fill gaps in a team or a full team of handpicked professionals. They’re quick to match clients with teams, and 98% of the teams they form pass the no-risk trial period to become hands-on members of a project.

6) Upwork — One-Stop-Shop for Bridging Gaps in Development Teams

Upwork is one of the largest pools of freelancers across the globe, and they have a massive list of talented software developers to choose from. You can post the details of your project on your platform,and the platform will screen requests from developers who claim to be able to deliver on your expectations.

Once that phase is complete, you’ll get a list of likely developers who you can then invite to submit bids and choose based on budget and final fit. Upwork is ideal for when you’re looking to hire dedicated app developers or software engineers to plug gaps in existing teams.

7) YouTeam — Hire Remote Engineering Teams from a Vetted Marketplace

This is a Y Combinator-backed marketplace that specializes in recruiting vetted developers from shops all over the world. Each developer has been surveyed by leading experts in their talent pool and had their abilities independently tested by HackerRank for Work.

Clients can interview their candidates directly, but all other processes and paperwork are carried out by YouTeam. Within one week, client companies are able to form a strong team of all the right skills and expertise level to fit with project specifications.


It is no cakewalk to hire digital teams that are the right fit for culture and projects, but using the services of the above-listed companies make the process that much easier. This list has been curated based on their expertise, years of experience, user reviews and past clientele.

Whether you’re looking to hire dedicated mobile app developers, or want entire teams to reduce workloads on your in-house teams, you’ll be able to source the right people with the required skill sets at these companies.


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