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June 19th 2020

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Hiring remote employees can benefit your business by bringing in a diverse range of skills that are scarce in your location. In turn, working remotely benefits employees by offering the option to pursue the career they want, without the need to relocate.

Build a strong online presence

Killer job descriptions

Using remote hiring boards

Screening and interviewing applicants

To screen applicants remotely, the following tools are recommended:

  • Adaface offers an AI-powered method to automate first-round tech interviews and evaluate candidates for tech roles.
  • HireVue lets candidates self-schedule interviews to accommodate the time zone differences.
  • Jobma lets candidates answer your interview questions via video in their own time.

To conduct technical interviews with audio/video capabilities, the following tools are recommended:

For assessing the cultural fit and the EQ of applicants, the following tool is recommended:

  • Human uses AI to remove unconscious bias in your hiring.

Let me know what other tools you are using for remote hiring in your organizations.


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