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Resident Evil Re:Verse, the PvP multiplayer game experience previously planned to launch alongside Resident Evil Village, has been delayed for the second time. Capcom confirmed the news this week with an announcement on the official Resident Evil website.

Previously, the multiplayer game experience was planned for a July 2021 release. Now, it’s slated for a 2022 launch. No exact date or month were given, and 2022 is a fairly vague period of time.

Per the Resident Evil Re:Verse Team:

“The previously announced launch of Resident Evil Re:Verse for July 2021 is being moved to 2022, so that the team can continue working to deliver a smooth gameplay experience. We will share more details on the launch details at a later time. Thank you for your patience and understanding.”

“For players who purchased a physical version of Resident Evil Village, we recommend that you keep track of the included Resident Evil Re:Verse download code, or add it to your account now so that you are ready to play when it launches next year.”

So, the bad news is that this is another setback for players who were eager to try this new online multiplayer experience for the Resident Evil franchise. The good news? Capcom didn’t rush a broke, unplayable game experience onto the market. Far too often have fans been forced to play unpolished and unfinished game products that did not have enough time in the oven.

Based on Capcom’s own statement, the game was ready for release. So, time and steps are being taken to polish and improve the gameplay experience. Is it unfortunate that the game has publicly been delayed twice? Yes, but releasing an awful, broken gameplay experience would be far worse.

Resident Evil Re:Verse Receives Second Delay

Now, Capcom would definitely be wise in the future to not put a firm release date or period on a game title like this unless they are fairly positive they can meet that window. More AAA devs and publishers should be doing that. Or, even if they have a firm release date, if the game just isn’t working and not ready for release, it’s time to suck it up and make the hard choice to delay a game. CD Projekt RED sullied the company’s reputation and made themselves look terrible with the poor launch of Cyberpunk 2077. Anthem was an embarrassing launch for BioWare and EA.

Over the years, I’ve become less impatient about a game release’s date. I’d rather wait a longer amount of time for a game experience that’s more well-rounded, polished, and exceptional than getting a rushed, rough product or some sort of live service. Yes, I want to play the new game now, but I also want an exceptional product. Also, I think there’s nothing wrong with getting demo experiences in the hands of players either, so maybe problems can be spotted early in case there are any. Good game development takes time. Also, if it means not forcing the day-to-day developers into a harsh crunch period, then a longer wait time is a sacrifice I’m willing to deal with.

The announcement also indicates that Capcom will honor the Re:Verse download code experience for Village players. Re:Verse is a free experience for Resident Evil Village players on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One. PS4 & PS5 gamers with PlayStation Plus membership will also have access to the online-only multiplayer version, along with Xbox Live Gold membership owners for Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

The final release date for Resident Evil Re:Verse will be announced by Capcom later on.

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