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There’s misinformation in both directions, of course. Such as with the Reddit post Apple implements interledger in safari on iOS, which says “Apple announced they support of the W3C payment request API in Safari. It uses Ripple’s Interledger”

This got almost 500 upclaps.

Also, this is not true.

The Payment Request API is an established web specification. It has been implemented in Chrome and Edge and Safari and has nothing to do with crypto.

It does not use Interledger and the specification makes no reference to Interledger.

The person who made the post shows a screenshot of a document called the Interledger Payment Method (which is an unofficial draft written by a Ripple employee) which references the aforementioned Payment Request API (as in “maybe one day Interledger will be used by the Payment Request API”).

Interledger is exciting, but it’s not in your phone just yet. If you’re super keen (you should be!), there’s a reference implementation in JavaScript called Interledger.js that’s just waiting for you to tinker with it.

The verdict: XRP as an investment

I’m quite sure that no one knows how much the price of XRP will reflect the success of Ripple the company.

In a technical sense, they are disconnected (did I mention that already?), but in reality there is probably some significant correlation between the success of Ripple and the price of XRP.

The question is, I suppose, how will that correlation hold over the years?

Later this year Ripple plan to go live with xRapid, their first product to actually use XRP. I’ve gotta believe that this will have a positive effect on the price.

Iterledger also has the potential to be huge. It doesn’t rely on XRP to function (it’s inter-ledger) but Ripple believe that people will choose XRP because it’s fast and cheap.

Maybe five years from now, browsers will ship with Interledger abilities built in, people will default to using XRP because that’s what’s in the readme, and hey presto, XRP becomes the most used currency in the world.

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