Russian Cows Receive Virtual Reality Glasses Kit to Face a Bout of Winter Blues

Photo by Bram Van Oost on Unsplash

Russia is experiencing a bout of winter blues at this time of the year. The winter blues cause emotional strain and illness. It does not only affect humans but also affect animals living in the country.

According to the veterinary experts of Russia, there are 20 million animals in the country which are susceptible to the winter blues this year. A team of scientists have found a solution to solve this problem for the animals during the winter season. The scientists have formed a virtual reality glasses kit for cattle. They have not shared the real design and prototype of the kit yet, but there is some detail for everyone. 

According to the local media persons of Russia, the virtual reality kit has wrap-around glasses that are suitable for a cow’s anatomical structure. The scientists have developed this device, especially for cows, because they can process red better than blues and greens.

A farm located in northwest Moscow begun to testify the prototypes on cows and found positive results. The fam’s cows became calmer and had improved mood. The researchers of the farm are monitoring the prototype’s effect on overall milk production.

Some farms in the country are also playing calming classical music by installing audio equipment in the kit. 

According to Techolite, Russia is emerging as an international agriculture powerhouse by using such technological solutions. It is experiencing growth in agricultural exports in terms of the budget than arms sales.

Social media has mixed reviews about the cattle VR intervention. A user wrote on social media that if anyone complains about the things really happening in the country, they will have to wear VR glasses to see the broadcasting state TV news.

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