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Small businesses are in a continuous struggle to manage their workload and summing up their monetary expenses. One of the most affordable and easiest ways is to keep a check on the latest SaaS software which handles all that’s necessary to your business while reducing the manual efforts.

Isn’t it amazing how you can just lend a helping hand from a service provider and sit comfortably in your space watching everything’s already done for your business growth? It is! Small businesses use different tools to manage their key aspects. But let’s not deny that you can always be more productive while gaining some extra business points with Saas software. Yes, there’s one efficient software for every need whether it is management, research, and development, or sales.

Here are some of the most viable SaaS tools used by small businesses :


Sales is the most appropriate approach to make money in every business whether it’s small or larger. These SaaS software implies better sales and boosts productivity.

1. Mailchimp

Email marketing is the Avante-Garde solution to boost business sales. This is one major reason why businesses focus on email marketing. In the present scenario, the mail service providers are much more likely to automatically respond to the customers and are easy to use. The user can customize their mails, attach notifications, and automate responses according to customer behavior. Mailchimp helps in automating the overall email sending and receiving process. It allows keeping the customer data so that it can be used in the future to target the same customers.

2. Pipedrive

Pipedrive could be your magic wand if you are spending your time on repetitive tasks. It is one of the best Customer Relationship Management software. There are various CRMs available in the market but choosing this one would be your greatest investment. The SaaS can help in automating workflow and save time by eliminating numerous manual tasks.

  1. It can send personalized emails automatically.
  2. Streamline sales team tasks
  3. It can automate repetitive sales tasks

3. Keap

Keap is a cloud-based sales and marketing solution that offers customer relationship management, e-commerce functionalities, and marketing automation. It is generally used by small businesses t streamline sales and marketing and to manage customers.

  1. It helps in keeping consistent brand messaging and have personalized customer experience.
  2. The software helps in integrating different marketing tools to connect to your business leads through social media, offline channels, and emails thereby creating better customer relationships.
  3. Using Keap, the user can centralize all client’s contact information at one place which prevents any redundant sales activities.

Research and Development

Performing better research ensuring better development in businesses. Staying ahead of the competition demands researching ahead from competitors. These applications will be of great use.

1. Workplace

Workplace is an enterprise connectivity software developed by Facebook and includes the use of groups, a news feed, and instant messaging.

Here are the advantages of Workplace

  1. The software helps in finer segmenting using which you can set up groups for various projects, clients, or teams. You can also get new notifications every time a post or news is released.
  2. Workplace provides a user interface that is easy, familiar, and assists people to use the platform easily.
  3. The software has a cataloging feature which is important for keeping historical records. The user can save information at the instance and then use it later when needed.

2. Slack

Slack is called a messaging SaaS tool but with features like app integration and file sharing it is more than it is named.

Some exceptional advantages of Slack

  1. Using slack, the user can use shared channels and guest accounts to work with remote working people.
  2. The user can connect with people outside their workplaces using the call, sharing the screen, and video call feature.
  3. The user can connect various applications and integrations with Slack and centralize their overall work.


1. Calendly

When we talk about digital calendars, it is wise to have one that can schedule your work at a great pace and should take the hassle out of your daily work scheduling. One such digital calendar is Calendly. It is used by professionals and small businesses due to its great integration capabilities, usability, and mobile support.

  1. The software integrates with Google, Outlook, and Microsoft Office and checks all calendars to avoid schedule conflicts. It can also add new events to the calendars ensuring better scheduling.
  2. With Calendly, the user can allow multiple invitees to schedule the exact slots and they can also add their own selected schedule to different calendars without the need for signup.
  3. The software helps in reviewing if the whole team is available so that the user can start an event without skipping the other invitees.

2. Basecamp

Basecamp is a software that is best designed for production in small businesses. It is considered to be one of the most organized software with all the icons available on the front page reducing the hassle to find what the user needs. Basecamp can be used to comment on files, notifications about the overall production, assign tasks, and do everything that the user can generally do without having to worry about sending emails and receiving reviews.

  1. Basecamp is used to track deadlines and progress of the employees. It allows users to update tasks on the system list and generate real-time updates to make sure that the tasks are completed or due. 
  2. The users can have informal interactions and conversations with team members, It makes the communication quick and easy.
  3. Basecamp has the ability to break down bigger projects into smaller ones to track workload easily. Using the virtual text editor, the users can also add details or required information for each item before assigning tasks to the specific person.

3. QuickBooks

QuickBooks is one of the most preferred accounting applications used by small businesses to increase productivity. The software is used by around 200,000 customers in the market that is solely relying on QuickBooks for their work.

  1. QuickBooks is an easy to use software and can be used by any individual without the need t have any technical knowledge.
  2. The software can integrate with other applications and automatically perform various functions.
  3. QuickBooks can perform automatic payroll, manage inventory, and automatically create tax reports.

A majority of small businesses also choose QuickBooks hosting services that offer remote working and multi-user collaboration.

These SaaS tools are efficient in playing every role in businesses from operations to productions. It’s true that there are thousands of more applications available but these are the best from the stock.


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