Same Name for Function And Class – Hacker Noon

C++ Telltales part 8:

This is eighth part of my C++ Telltales series where I share some tips and tricks to work with C++. Feel free to check out also other parts of the series here!

Having same name for a function and for a class or a struct in the same namespace might not be something you encounter every day. But sometimes you are forced to do some things that are named similarly (maybe because of bad requirements coming from the customer). C++ keywords class and struct are not only used to declare things — they can be used also to tell the compiler what is the desired structure to use. See the following example:

Other way is to keep the different blocks in different namespaces or handle it with proper coding guidelines for naming. Or just not using the same names for different control structures (which I wouldn’t do if I wasn’t forced to…).

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