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The search for knowledge has put our protagonist in many different situations and brought forth many new discoveries that were previously unknown to him.

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Captain Smith has seen what many whished upon but he is a curious soul that follows orders. Commander @gregory-f insisted that he should consult the Council, and so he did. The universe stood still for a moment as Captain Smith asked for their presence because no mortal soul had this privilege before.

Gaia bid him farewell and showed him the path to the Council of One. He followed her roots to the entrance and shook with fear when he saw the images before him. Seven tall figures stood in silence, their faces covered in darkness but their presence felt through the cosmos. Before he could speak, his lips were sealed shut while the first figure spoke to him.

Wake up and stand in awe my brothers, as a God dwells among us. His mind is not yet in balance, but chaos is a necessity on the true path to order.

Welcome, Mr. Smith. The Council has prepared for your arrival.

The deep sense of fear was neutralized by the utter confusion that struck Captain Smith. His inability to speak prevented him from asking questions but his thoughts would soon be explained.

Do not be frightened by our appearance Captain, because there is nothing to fear.

Do not fear our existence because we only exist in the past.

Our paths have crossed for the first and last time because soon we will become one.

Speak your mind and we shall listen, ask your questions and we shall answer.

The Council of One is at your disposal.

The answers you seek are indeed within us but you must ask the right questions, to acquire true knowledge.

Look inwards to discover what you truly want to know and only then shall the truth be revealed before your eyes.

We are the spirits of the past and our propose is to guide you. The path you have chosen is not an easy one but great treasures lie ahead. Before you are able to express your curiosity, we must first explain why we have met.

The choices you made during your travels were filled with questions that could not be answered at that very moment. Time was a poison that filled your heart with fear and confusion, and so it took over your very existence. Patience is a virtue, that is what you always told us. We have trusted you all this time, but we have yet to see you lead by example. You have always asked the right questions, Captain, but never gave them time to be answered at the moment you needed them the most.

You should know that you are not to blame for this as it is no fault of your own. Your soul was born in a time of great confusion, a time where the past was forgotten and the future was uncertain. Your kind was lead by pretenders that filled the roles they were unfit to fill. Their lack of knowledge led your kind towards destruction and chaos because consciousness needs time to be born. The pretenders told you that your history is not important and only the future is the brightness you seek but time became your teacher and you knew that something is not right.

It took time for mankind to discover their true nature. It took centuries to learn that there are no differences between brothers, but it took millenniums to accept nature and respect her rules. Humans are free souls that do not want to be governed by an invisible force, yet those same souls let others govern them in that same way. Trust was nowhere to be found while compassion was slowly drifting into nothingness.

Because you did not know the past, you could not have known that nothing in this universe can be destroyed, not even trust. The pretenders could not keep the show going forever and mankind can’t be kept in the dark for eternity. They came from light and light they shall become.

In time they will realize that unity, equality, and curiosity are the driving forces of Gods, and Gods they shall become.

You are inevitable Mr. Smith. Your true form does not depend on space and time. Your powers lie within you because the law of One makes it so. That what is above, must also be below and that what is beyond reach must also be within. You have traveled far to acquire what you hold inside. Bring forth your questions and we shall gift you with the answers.

It felt like a spell was just broken as Captain Smith was able to speak once more. This time there was no choice to make, only questions to be asked. His choices told an amazing story so far, but it is time for Mr. Smith to become the storyteller.

What will it be, Captain?

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