Sediment Hits an All-Time Low for Crypto — Good News For You

Encouragement during these down times, the bear times, the rock ’em, sock ’em robot times when men and women in the world of cryptocurrency are trying to decide on fight or flight, is typically hard to find as many in this game seem to have knee-jerk reactions about anything and everything with most speculation going into the negative pile. If you go on YouTube, you will find video after video of negatives, death tolls, and scare tactics designed to get investors to take this or that course of action.

But smart investors know before choosing a course of action one must consider the long-term effects of their decisions and try to look past what’s happening at the moment and look into the future. That’s when the positives can be brought to bear and when those negative speculations fade as the bright future of the blockchain can be seen for what it really is, and what it will become.

Trading Cryptocurrency for Profit

Smart investors remember that cryptocurrency has only been around for a few years now, and the platforms they are rooted in are developing at a pace that can only be called remarkable. Leaps and bounds are being made by developers who have the sight, the vision, and the faith to believe that cryptocurrency will one day be the only currency. We are not even close to seeing the final form of cryptocurrency, and that is something everyone needs to remember.

Right now we are only in an experimental phase of the technology that all tokens are rooted in and if you can forget the price action for a minute and see that cryptocurrencies are like emails in that they are (at their heart) uncontrollable. Now that cryptos are out of the box they too will be (at their heart) uncontrollable and that is good news for anyone willing to wager on these assets because it means their investment is more than just a rise or fall of the cryptocurrency market, but rather, it is an investment in the future of our world as a decentralized, one world organization that no government or corporation will control.

This technology will change the way humans will transact value, and the ramifications of this stretch far and wide, reaching into every facet of our societies and changing things for the better in ways that haven’t, as yet, even been dreamed of. Does this mean that every project invested in the blockchain will be a success? No. Does this mean that there won’t be failures, some small and some massive for the blockchain? No. So, what does this mean?

What it means is the best is yet to come. Our expertise at building blockchains and the applications being built on them is, as yet, infantile, similar to how Pong and Atari were the infant stages of gaming and look how far that has come. While those were interesting platforms back then, looking back on them now, we can see just how far gaming had yet to come. Gaming technology is still being developed, and a similar evolution is in store for the blockchain and cryptocurrency.

So, for those smart investors that can envision a future where the blockchain and cryptocurrency have time to develop and become the catalyst for change that must happen, as some believe our very survival will depend on it, these ups and downs in the market become less important. For the smart investor, it’s the endgame, not the current status of the market, which matters most.

The Past is the Best Reference for the Future

It was just one year ago when bitcoin hit a price of nearly $20,000, and everyone was lining up to invest because sediment was at an all-time high. Exchanges were limiting signups due to too much demand and not enough infrastructure to support it. How crazy is that? However, this is the exact opposite of how smart investing works. That was the first sign it was time to get out.

It never ceases to amaze me that people want to invest in anything when the market is at the top and sell when the market is at the bottom, but this is the worst possible investment strategy!

Smart investors jump in when sediment is low, and that goes for any market. Today, it feels like we are approaching a nasty low point in the cryptocurrency space once again, which means it’s approaching the time to buy.

Just think about the housing crises the rocked the nation ten years ago, the market hit rock bottom at the end of 2009 due to the fact that there were no buyers. The few people who did buy were able to acquire real estate for pennies on the dollar, only to see their investment skyrocket over the next several years.

That feels a lot like how the cryptocurrency space is at this very moment, no buyers, but innovation still presses on. For those smart investors who take advantage of this rare opportunity that we see only a couple of times in a lifetime, the future is bright.

It is unfortunate, but most investors won’t take advantage of these low cryptocurrency prices, they will just wait and watch the market turn around in 2019 and let the rare money-making opportunity pass them by. Waiting for the market to trade back up until prices and sediment are high once again before they make a move and invest their hard-earned dollars, but it will be too little too late.

Having the right cryptocurrency trading strategy in place in 2019 is going to pay off big over the long run. The projects that combine the correct vision with a highly capable team are going to be in the best possible position to reap the rewards and make the most of this new form of technology. The question is, which investors want to be part of it and which investors would rather watch from the sidelines. Click here to get the free course on the direction of crypto.

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