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Rich snippets help search engines identify information relevant to your search. Google always looks forward to providing its users with rich experience. This is one of the prime reasons behind timely updates of the SERP features. Using improved features, the search engine shows direct answers, top stories, featured snippets, and much more. The Google search engine result page features are a great source of bringing in more significant clicks, higher traffic, and CTR from the search. It also helps the user to gain the trust of real-time users and show off their business/brand as the search result generated using a keyword related to your industry.

Well, if you are an owner of an ECommerce store, you must try utilizing these SERP features to attract a larger amount of traffic on your website.  Of all the features available, snippets play a significant role in increasing the sales for companies like yours.

It will provide your company with better visibility, higher CTR and traffic and in turn, allow you to get better business.

However, the entire concept leads to the question of what exactly are rich snippets and what makes them so important.

What Are Rich Snippets?

According to the explanation given by the best SEO agencies in Bangalore, Rich Snippets are pieces of structured data which makes it easier for the search engine to understand the data present on your site. Based on the data, search engines organize the information in a user-friendly manner for the audience. A featured snippet can show more information than a simple SERP result. These snippets, as their name suggests, are rich and makes it easy for the users to get the related details in the said niche without putting too much effort in terms of clicks.

Goggle supports these rich snippets. It is used in various categories starting from products, reviews, recipes to places, authors and many more. A visual way of calling business, the snippets shows the image of the product along with the price and the rating in the most compact form.

What Makes Rich Snippets an Essential Tool for Your e-Store?

Although these rich snippets are not a factor influencing Google rank or does not have any direct impact on providing your website with a higher rank, it is quite important. It affects the ranking indirectly.

Snippets allow the search engines to understand your site content, web page or product list in a better way. Once Google has information about the products you are dealing with, it can then crawl in your site deeply, helping your site get a higher rank.

The SEO agencies of Bangalore also do the same thing. Professionals optimize your site so that it becomes Google-friendly rather than just being user friendly. With proper SEO, the site gets a better rank, providing better exposure. Similarly, the rich snippets help the search engines to get more clicks from the incoming organic traffic, invite more users to your website and also open up the gate to earn more revenue.  

Rich snippets allow your site to stand out from the crowd in the SERP, which makes it more crucial than rankings. As per a recent study, a rich snippet can drive around 18-40% more traffic and lead to about 700% increase in the CTR over a typical search engine result compared to no snippet. To get the rich snippet, you need to have structured data on your site.

Best Rich Snippet Options For an ECommerce Business

Buyers prefer visuals more than text when making a purchase. This is one of the reasons which helps products with prominent HD photos sell better than the products with low-quality images or no images. Customers always look forward to taking a thorough look at the product, compare it with other potential options and then choose for the best one. Rich snippets help them to do that! There are various snippet options which allow the ECommerce industry to create a difference.

The product schema: Schema is termed as the mark-up code, which helps in implementing the rich snippets on the site. Product schema refers to a code showing detailed product information in the Google search. Buyers can see the product images, its price, brand details, ratings, and reviews. There are different types of schema which you can use based on the product type.

The rating & Review schema: This schema has added up the mark-up, which shows to show ratings and reviews of your product. This schema is the best way of winning the trust of your customer. It is because the reviews and rating left by your past customers tell them about the quality of the product, which increases the confidence for your brand. In some cases, only star ratings are shown in the snippets. Even those stars present below the name of your product and URL play an impactful role in increasing the CTR and boosting the SEO. The reviews also allow the product to stand out from the crowd.

The price schema: This mark-up allows you to show the price of the product over the SERP. As you know, price plays a crucial role in convincing buyers.  If there is a great difference, in terms of price, between the products sold by you and your competitive business, it can create a significant impact. Being the most crucial factor determining the buying ability of a person, the price would allow your customers to make better decisions. This snippet is excellent to catch the attention of the users who consider the price factor first when investing in a product which caters to their needs.

The Product Availability Schema: Showing information whether a particular is available at your e-store or not, this schema helps in cutting down the frustration of the buyers. It is often experienced that buyers do visit the website in search of a product, find it attractive and try adding it to the cart. But Whoosh! It turns out the product is sold out. At precisely this moment, frustration kicks in, which increases the chances of the user leaving your site and never revisiting it. Thus, showing the information over the Google SERP will cut the risk of frustration which is very likely to improve the bounce rates, the soft bounces. In the case of this schema, there is no shortcut as you need to implement it manually. So, if you are not a professional, it would be better to hire the best SEO agency in Bangalore to help with the service.

Apart from these rich snippets, there are two other methods to promote your product online: video marketing and rich ads. Product-based videos and explainer videos help in grabbing the attention of the users, increase your brand awareness and lead to higher engagement rate. Most ECommerce companies use video marketing as their prime marketing strategy because visuals and videos are the best way to attract. Rich ads, on the other hand, are another way to rank better. It is a paid option which allows you to rank better on Google and reach out to your target audiences effectively.

Rich snippets are always an impactful tool to create an impression in the minds of the users and to attract them towards your brand/product.

Allowing you to stand out in the crowd of competitors, snippets, although a little hard to implement, is very helpful. If you want, you can even hire reputed digital marketing companies in Bangalore to help you with snippets. It increases the clicks and the engagement rate and can boost your sales, both offline as well online. Thus, rich snippets must indeed be used and implemented for every ECommerce store if you are looking forward to making a difference.


SEO is the right way to interact if the primary goal is to reach a large number of people. Research and practice of SEO is improving with the advancement of technology. Advances in technology have given rise to multifaceted opportunities and at the same time are unprecedented challenges for the market.

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Ayushi Choudhary is a blogger who writes articles related to new trends. http://www.thesmartupdate.


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