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Let me start with my inspiration. I am looking at, digital nomad, the motivation behind, one and only, Pieter Levels . That sounded a bit like introduction before a boxing match. I remember reading Pieter Levels blog when I was starting my career as a programmer. At that time he didn’t have so much following on social media and wasn’t Product Hunt maker of the year. The 12 startups in a year challenge had a vibe that everything is possible. Levels made bold claims and I was bit skeptic, but couldn’t stop reading. Spoiler alert: He didn’t finish his challenge because one of the projects took off, big time.

It was the inspiring story and awesome idea to push yourself to become a creator. If you read my other blog posts, especially the one about becoming a junior developer, you know why I decided on this career road. It wasn’t about money, safe job, it was always about creating something from nothing.

I always looked for a way to express myself.

Before programming, it was screenwriting, trying to become a copywriter in an ad agency and writing poems. The idea of this kind of challenge seemed amazing, but doubts happened — maybe learn more and then you can pursue your ideas. Fast-forward 4 years, I’m earning money as a programmer, and I will not lie, I like my job, but feel something is missing. My initial drive came from the place of being a creative person, I lost something along the way. I don’t remember even when, but all is not lost. 28 years old is not that old, maybe I can still create. With 5 years of experience under the belt, it should be easier, right? I’m finally mature enough to challenge myself that way and SHIP IT. This year is looking already good, I have the support of incredible girlfriend, my

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