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Nowadays, almost all the websites that are out there are using just regular web hosting. That seems pretty normal, but in days where cloud hosting companies like Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud are getting very popular, the question that comes in mind is Should we even use regular web hosting anymore or we should turn to the cloud. Just think about it, they’re often much cheaper and have support technologies that regular web hostings don’t.

So, should we still use a regular web hosting, as, for all the things in life, it depends?

Regular Web Hosting


  • easy setup process
  • supports CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress
  • it’s easy for a beginner to get started because there are a lot of tutorials out there
  • it uses cPanel for it’s UI, which is really easy to use
  • it’s easy to create emails and subdomains
  • really great for websites like blogs and other static websites


  • typically, the cost is higher than on cloud platforms
  • relatively bad support for new programming languages and technologies
  • they aren’t that scalable
  • you are paying for hosting even if no one uses your website
  • isn’t that good for load intensive websites like Netflix, Instagram, Google, etc.

Cloud Platforms


  • they scale automatically
  • you don’t need to ever worry about servers
  • they support all the new technologies
  • they are great for applications that require a heavy load
  • they are cheaper and give a free trial, which can be enough for a website that gets up to 100,000 views per month
  • supports WordPress
  • you only pay when someone actually uses your website


  • a little more complicated setup process
  • it’s harder for beginners
  • creating emails and subdomains isn’t that easy
  • you need to know something about coding to use it
  • it primarily built for developers, not for regular people

So, Should You Still Use Regular Web Hosting

In my opinion, if you need to host a small website like a blog, or any website that mostly informational without much functionality, regular web hosting like BlueHost is better. Plus, BlueHost is one of few hosting companies that support all the new technologies, unlike others who still rely on older ones.

On the other hand, if you are planning on creating a website or rather to say a web app, that is going to have more complex functionalities than a sign-up form, you should probably use Cloud Platform like AWS (Amazon Web Services), Google Cloud, or any other that suits your needs. Think of websites like Spotify, Netflix, Facebook, etc., they are all using AWS because they scale automatically and can handle that heavy load.


So, in the nutshell, you should still use regular web hosting as long as you plan to host a blog or any website that is informational, but if plan on hosting a website that requires heavy load and has more functionalities like Netflix, Facebook, Spotify, etc., you should use cloud platforms.

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Also, if you think that I have missed something or you have any other questions, be sure to post your questions in the comments or send me an email at [email protected], I will be happy to answer them.


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