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Revolutionary IDO launchpad on level 2 that values fairness and transparency. Launching soon.

Ground control to major Tom, Scaleswap is finally a go! 

The words ‘IDO Launchpad’ can often be met with confused stares followed by ‘What’s that?’ as the jargon of the crypto world can be confusing to new starters.

An IDO launchpad is essentially a kickstarter for crypto start-up projects, currently the most popular ones are Polkastarter and Poolz. You’d use an IDO Launchpad if you wanted to invest in crypto startups. As with regular investing, there are possibilities to lose money but also to gain money.

Access to these pools or ‘Whitelists’ are highly sought after as they can be very lucrative investments, they are usually reserved for those who can afford to stake a certain amount of currency meaning that access can be hard to come by if you are just starting out and do not have a lot of currency to invest.

One of the main barriers of entry to beginners in the crypto market is the jargon that comes with it. Blockchain, DeFi, Cryptocurrency, and NFT are just some of the new language for audiences to grapple with.

Education is the key to removing this barrier but with the blockchain being decentralized, there’s no one place to go for information, rather it is mutually agreed by everyone on the blockchain. There are many sources of information, but it’s essential to be careful as not everything you read is strictly true.

Scaleswap promises to be an education point as well as a promising IDO launchpad, letting the little guys and beginners become a part of the community.

As mentioned before, another barrier of access to IDO launchpads is the amount of currency required to enter a pool.

What makes Scaleswap different from other IDO Launchpads is their commitment to equal opportunity in the crypto investment space. They have a six-dimensional loyalty score system meaning that space in their pools and on their whitelist is not reserved only for those who have lots of cryptocurrency.

Everyone has a chance to take part in their pools by showing loyalty to the community, holding SCA tokens, owning a Scaleswap diamond NFT, and many other ways.

Other platforms like Poolz, and Polkastarter focus mainly on balance, leaving access to the whitelists to only those who can afford it. 

Scaleswap have been building their reputation and are well known in both the crypto and NFT world for their previous work with Bosslogic on an NFT that would grant the holder ultimate power on the Scaleswap platform and appearances on Cryptonauts and Innmind.

DeFi 2.0 is the ultimate vision for the future of crypto, there are problems that need to be solved in the space like exuberant gas fees, security issues, and complex jargon.

Without solving these problems, mass adoption of crypto worldwide is unlikely. Scaleswap are seeking to alleviate the problems by putting transparency at the heart of everything they do and are working with companies like Hacken, UFO start and Uniswap to bring this message community wide.

Have any more questions about IDO Launchpads and their usage? Check out the Scaleswap Telegram channel, that’s where people who are knowledgable on the crypto industry congregate and it’s also where they announce everything from their pools to meme contests! It’s the best place to be to keep up with the latest on their project.


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