Here is why SNAC can be the Steemit Killer and the Next Gen Social Media

Do you know that according to the latest survey, the average person spends almost 2 hours on social media every day? Now, hat’s something frightful. Within the tiny actions of swiping up and down, left and right, we are giving away 12.5% of our day to the social media giants (considering 8 hours of sleep time on average). But one thing that we all need to ask ourselves is “Apart from more likes & followers, did we ever get benefited from Instagram/Facebook”? Probably the answer would be a big ‘No’!

How Traditional Social Media Works

Imagine you just bought a fancy camera and took some really cool shots of a landscape. You started feeling creative and ended up spending the next few minutes writing some motivational post along with those pictures and uploaded on Facebook. End Result — Likes, comments and more likes.

Wouldn’t you want to get paid for your effort (no matter how small it is for others, but you did give in your time for it)? Wouldn’t you like to have a social media that rewards everyone for their time spent and value added to that platform? Wouldn’t you like to see some worth of the LIKE feature than just seeing it a ‘button pressed in a fraction of a second’.

With traditional social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram), it’s not possible. Imagine Facebook started paying its 500 million+ content creators every time they write or upload pictures? Mark Zuckerberg would go bankrupt in a month. That’s where the blockchain based social media applications (like Steemit, Akasha, DTube, Sapien) jumped into the rescue.

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Steemit’s Story — Rise and Fall

When Steemit first came out, everyone was dreaming of some sort of social media revolution to happen. Content creators became hopeful to finally get rewarded for the quality of the content they create, and for the first time, content consumers also happy to get a chance to earn some bucks for their time given to a platform.

Since Steemit’s idea was unique, for the first year of its launch, it was the talk of the town and everyone was thinking that it soon will be the next Facebook. But now it feels like Steemit has been ‘Myspaced’ and it feels like a thing of the past.

Just recently, it was reported that Steemit laid off 70% of its staff. Even though the company accuses bear market of the downfall, let’s just agree that it was because of boring UI/UX, lack of mobile application, absence of diverse content and very low compensation.

To address all these issues and to revive the hope of content creators and consumers, Futurepia ( one of the fastest mainnet) launched SNAC.

Credits: @fd-sa (on steemit)

What is SNAC?

SNAC is the first ever blockchain based reward sharing platform (by a Korean company) that is revolutionizing the way content creators and content consumers make money online. It is an all in one app and the most powerful one you could ever see. It is an amalgamation of Whatspp+Facebook+Steemit allowing users to create groups, write posts, start a private chat, follow communities, and earn money for writing quality content. The stable coin of SNAC is also called SNAC and it is worth:

1 SNAC = 1 KRW (almost 1 cent)

Having a stable coin is really the beauty of this app. Here is what the SNAC interface looks like.

Unlike Steemit, SNAC is available on iOS, Android version, and will soon be available as a web and PC version too. To find out what are the different ways to earn money on SNAC, visit this guide and to download SNAC, click here.

Other Alternatives to Steemit

Even though SNAC can be called as the best alternative to Steemit, there a bunch of other quality dapps too that have a better compensation policy and a robust UI/UX design than Steemit. It’s always better to try your luck on other platforms too, as no one knows what would work best for you. Here I am listing down top 3 other competitors to Steemit that you should look for.

a) Sphere

Sphere was one of the first reward sharing platforms that were built solely for the smartphones (available both on iOS & Android). It introduced the concept of Social Activity Tokens (SAT) and rewards its users for the quality of content they upload. The only issue with the Sphere is that it is not fully decentralized and have been accused of misleading people about their centralized token structure. On the other hand, SNAC is fully decentralized as each and every activity & rewards can be confirmed on the block explorer.

Credits: ICO Ranker


Yours was also launched as a reward sharing platform to tackle the issues that Steemit was facing. Even though they had a great start and did a successful ICO, they couldn’t keep up the momentum. came up with the motto “Earn bitcoin for your content” and people did make a good amount in the beginning. But due to the factors like poor marketing and web-based version only, the users are leaving the platform day by day. Still, its design and the diversity of content makes it look far prettier than Steemit.


c) D-Tube

Well, you can’t call it the alternative of Steemit(due to the nature of the content on both the platforms) but overall, to be honest, DTube, by far is one of the coolest and probably the only blockchain based reward sharing Video Platform. As you might have guessed, D-Tube is the shorter from of Decentralized Tube, it’s basically a Youtube on the Steemit Blockchain. The idea is simple, so is the design. Users upload videos, get rewarded in cryptos if their videos get more likes and views. And trust me, one actually can make a good amount of money on DTube if the video gets viral. On the other hand, one major drawback of DTube is that due to lower TPS Speed, it takes forever to upload a video, especially if the video is 10min+ long.

Credits: Valleyarm

So these are my personal favorite better alternative to Steemit. Let me know which one of these platforms is your favorite one? Or if you know about some other better option, don’t forget to share it with us.

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