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We all create a lot of data.

It’s not a secret that our collective footprint is growing pretty fast.

Logs, files, media, settings, history of your Facebook comments. Everything can be useful if correctly analyzed and used.

But we had a lot of data before this ‘web thing.’ The world has been leaving a trail of information since its inception.

Even if each year we grow it exponentially, sooner or later, those digits will be very useful for business. Business and government will be the first who will utilize it. They are certainly trying to already.

“Data is The New Oil.”

How can we access this data correctly? Without simplifying it or opening this door, information is just bits.

It’s like having a big shelf of books but using them only as a fancy decoration to your home.

Searches are everywhere and have so many different options. 

Furthermore, context is crucial as well. Even having cool products like Elasticsearch still can’t cover 100% of this Problem. Why?

Because it’s very complicated. The more information we have, the more difficult it becomes to deliver it with the speed that we want that data.

We Always Need More!

NLP has a Big Problem. It’s the lack of ability for effective searching of all this data. This is why big boys control it.

For now only those who can afford a private submarine, can do a search. I’m referring to FAAGM having complex searches, that we use each day.

It makes me happy when I see big players have issues with code.

It means that I still have a chance. Search is a billion-dollar business market.

To get more correct results, we need to teach a machine to understand us better. We have a lot of progress there, but because we are still making money from redesigning or upgrading websites, there’s still not a lot of progress that can satisfy us.

Data is not only for your smartphone apps. It’s a frontier for science. This means having the ability to search it effectively is pretty important.