Sponsored PostReinventing Blockchain Events at the CryptoFriends Hypethon in Barcelona

As Cryptography and Cryptocurrencies gain mass public awareness, new conventions and events continue to grow popularity.

Yes, The ICO phenomenon is continuing to grow. But with this popularity comes a higher potential of risk from groups looking to take advantage of an ever-increasing pool of investors through fraudulent ICOs

One organization is doing a great job at combining networking, lectures, panels while also vetting the credibility of the participating projects.

CryptoFriends is a unique community of Blockchain and crypto professionals, with a wide network of connections in the community. Its mission is to bring together a huge range of experience and ideas from some of the leading names and talents in the international crypto space, and for Blockchain professionals and enthusiasts to share their opinions and expertise and build long-lasting connections. The core part of the event is to present the best up and coming Blockchain developers and ICO projects, so they could meet the movers and shakers and potential investors to help them kick off their projects.

The organization is particularly attractive to investors, because of the thorough vetting of ICOs – only the legit ones are allowed to pitch. This allows potential investors to feel confident that they will backing an ICO with genuine potential. CryptoFriends recent Hypethon event in St. Petersburg saw three amazing projects – CryptoPay, Affchain and Kickcity. These projects actually won the top 3 spots at the pitch, and now showing great promise and excellent future prospects.

Unlike other events, you can expect a very informal vibe, so it might be a good idea to leave your suit and tie at home, because the Hypethon is all about the nitty gritty of all things Blockchain. The first Hypethon event in June 2017 had over 2,000 people in attendance, which proved to be a great event – people enjoyed the friendly, festival-like atmosphere created; combining lectures, panel discussions and ICO pitches with outdoor activities such as music, movies and street food. If you happen to like the Barcelona even, the company organizes more ICO-Hypethons at the Singapore Blockshow at the end of November.

If you can’t make it to the CryptoFriends events, check out this list of upcoming events if you want to learn about other ICOs or if you’re interested in investing in some.

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